How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From South Africa 2024

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The common problem amongst potential star players in the u21 and u23 categories is how to join a football club in Europe. Even among the coaches, this question stabs through their minds like a pandemic as they try to rack up ways through which they could help the young players in their team get to the top.

If you’re a young player or you are hoping to get a football trial in Europe, then you stumbled on this article at the right time. I’ll be explaining to you the different ways by which you could spread your tentacles and reach out to get a football trial in Europe in 2023, so just keep reading.

1. Scouting

Scouting is easy; this is when you are busy playing on the pitch and someone among the spectators, usually called a scout (who is paid to seek out fresh talents), sees you play and decides you have what it takes to be in the big game then he gets you a trial and if you can impress the big guys up there, you get into the big team.

When a scout picks you, all you need to do is just give the game your best shot at the trial in order to achieve your dreams.

2. Agent

Aside from playing for your college team and getting picked by a scout, having an agent can be the other most professional way to get yourself a trial into any European team. With your agent, all you need to do is focus on giving the game your all while your agent is focused on getting you into the best football clubs in Europe.

However, the downside to having an agent is you get to pay for their services but the advantage is, since these agents make their money from getting you signed in a club, they’ll give them all to see you there so they get their salaries too. You could get yourself an agent by visiting the registered FIFA agents list, from there you could select agents in the countries where you would like to go for trials.

3. Cold Email

But if you decide to take matters into your own hands, I applaud you for it. You could actually contact football clubs in Europe for a trial, be sure to email more than one so you don’t put your eggs in one basket and end up regretting it.

How To Do This:

  • Create a football CV and send it to clubs.
  • Attend professional club football academies.
  • Make sure you are playing at the highest level for one of the best teams in your local leagues or area.
  • Document your achievements and live action on your own YouTube channel.
4. Join A Recognized Football Academy

I’m sure there are tons of recognized football academies in South Africa that have affiliations with European clubs, be sure to do your research, sign up for one, and keep those dreams alive till you can achieve them.

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