How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From Nigeria 2024

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Nigerians have amazing potentials, some of which are left untapped, it’s a pity. One of my mantras is “Reach for the Stars” and I’m thinking of personalizing it for the year, I’m planning to be more intentional about everything in my life.

As a young player with dreams of playing in the big game, at the FIFA World Cup tournament, or at any large pitch, dreaming isn’t enough; it is time to start achieving. So how would you feel if you started playing at a football team in Europe from Nigeria? Mind you this isn’t chasing the clouds, and even if it were, there may be a way of bringing yourself to the clouds or bringing the clouds to you which is just what I’ll be teaching you in the article.

How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From Nigeria

Long story short, there are several ways to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria and I hope this article helps you do that this year.

1. Scouting

This is the easiest way to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria. Many star players began playing in the big game because a scout saw them and thought, “Wow! That’s some talent that dude got there” and decided to give him a chance to prove that he has what it takes to be one of the best stars of all times.

All you need to do is try to play more frequently and participate in football matches in your area or school and have your team qualify for the final stage and you could stand a chance. Again, most of the best players got their chance through this means.

2. Agents

While this might not be an option for a lot of newcomer players, it actually is a way of having someone do the underdog job while you concentrate on being better. How did Giannis Antetokumpo do it? He got himself an agent, or maybe that should be an agent got him but all the same, he had someone who did the agent thing for him. Many star players towed this path, and you probably should try.

How To Get An Agent?

If you’re done with your college or club football and are ready for the next stage, follow the steps below; Go to the Registered FIFA AGENTS list and start looking at the list provided. Select agents in the countries where you would like to go for trials.

3. Join A Football Academy

If you think your area or university football team can’t take you where you need to be, you could sign up for any football academy right here in Nigeria that is affiliated with a European football team. This could be a large stepping stone for your football career, you know. There are multiple football academies in Nigeria such as;

  • Juventus football academy
  • Pepsi football academy
  • Papilo football academy
  • FC Barcelona football academy
  • Ifeanyi Ubah Football Academy
  • Carat24 football academy
  • Bolton Wanderer Football Academy etc. Get yourself signed up in one of these.
4. Contact European Football Clubs Via Email

While a lot of players before you may have done this to no avail and may try to talk you out of doing this yourself because they feel it’s a waste of time and expectation, you might make an exception.

Before going online to scout for email addresses of European football clubs, be sure to make a short video of yourself on the pitch. Sell yourself through the video, and let the video highlight your strengths. Send the video to them and keep your fingers crossed, you may get a mail in return, it is a 50:50 chance, so keep your mind open.

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