How To Prepare An Appropriate Engineering Resume Template

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Do you find it difficult in preparing an appropriate Engineering Resume Template? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

Several disciplines of engineering resume template follow identical format. It’s crucial to emphasize technical skills developed during the engineering course. The prospective employers and recruiters are mainly looking for the technical areas of expertise in the engineering resume templates.

Structure Of An Effective Engineering Resume Template

An effective engineering resume shall include career objectives, educational summary, experience, professional affiliations and memberships, contact details, and references.

How To Prepare An Appropriate Engineering Resume Template

Presenting the resume template in an ordered way and highlighting key sections can enhance your chance to get an interview call. It’s therefore essential to follow certain tips for creating your engineering resume templates.


This prominent section of your resume shall highlight the various key responsibilities held and roles executed in previous organizations. You can prepare a bulleted list of achievements in your earlier company.

These notable achievements may include the introduction of technology that assisted in cost-saving and revenue generation to the organization, important recommendations in the final report, enhancing the support system, and many more.

Technical Expertise One of the most important parts of the engineering resume template is “technical Expertise”. The technologies are known and proficiency in various software programming languages in the case of software engineering graduates can be stated here.

Career objective stating the career goal with your area of specialization and interest is essential in engineering resume creation. Therefore, do make a note to include it in your engineering resume.


Enlist the degrees attained and university attended along with the percentage of marks scored. You can also include the subjects studied during the course. Any notable educational achievement can be showcased in this section.

Co-Curricular Activities

Mention your contribution and role in the organization of various co-curricular activities held in college. Memberships and professional affiliations to clubs and groups shall be included in this section.

Contact Details

Do not forget to include your contact information in the resume. This piece of contact information would aid the prospective employer to contact you for the much-awaited interview call.

Sample Engineering Resume Template 1

An engineering resume needs to highlight technical skills explicitly. Prospective employers and recruiters mainly look for candidates with technical expertise.

Therefore, it’s important to showcase your technical abilities in an engineering resume prominently.

Evan Truman

123, Woodbury Road,

Washington, WA, 48561

(123) 456 789


More than 6 years of experience as a Manufacturing engineer. Areas of expertise include designing electronic circuits and wiring boards.

Technical Expertise
  • Certificate of CAM and CAD i.e. Computer-Aided Machining & Computer-Aided Design
  • Developing code for CNC machine
  • Designed program for welding technology

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2004 – Present ABC Inc., Ellsworth, WA

Production Manager
  • Established & streamlined the manufacturing processes in the production department
  • Developed & managed the quoting system for all UK businesses
  • Responsible to form the budget and completion time of individual projects
  • Check the technical specifications of the machines and tools for all key overseas operations
  • Responsible to increase the number of vendors for newly manufactured advanced tools

2000 – 2003 Garfield International, Inc., Maywood, IL

Project Manager
  • Responsible to plan the launching event for new products
  • Calculate production cost & thereby provide inputs for pricing strategy
  • Strictly adhere to technical specifications of machines to reduce engineering rework
  • Responsible for allocating work among team members for timely completion of the project

1998-2000 Venus Floor Machines, LLC, Newark, NJ

Sr. Staff Engineer
  • Efficiently lead multiple teams for a successful launch of new products
  • Managed new manufacturing processes technologies that include shell welding and converter canning
  • Responsible for managing resources
  • Negotiated contract deals for equipment with suppliers
  • Responsible for technical presentations as a customer support initiative

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1997

Sample Engineering Resume Template 2

An engineering resume needs to highlight technical skills explicitly. Prospective employers and recruiters mainly look for candidates with technical expertise. Therefore, it’s important to showcase your technical abilities in an engineering resume prominently.

Adam Rhodes

123, North Street

Atlanta, Georgia, 01234

(123) 456 789

Career Objective

To obtain a managerial electronics engineer position that supports product development.

Summary of Skills
  • Expertise in electrical circuit design and testing techniques
  • Knowledge of computer programming that includes C++, Java & Pascal
  • Good academic record in electronic engineering

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Educational Qualification

Georgia State University, New York

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, 2002

Professional Experience

XYZ Global, Decatur, GA

2005 to Present

Electronic Engineer
  • Providing assistance to trainee engineers in the R&D laboratory
  • Responsible for testing equipment circuits and its new features
  • Acting as a liaison between R&D and manufacturing department
  • Trained technicians for the proper use of machines and equipment

PQR International, Oakdale, GA

2004 – 2005

Trainee Engineer
  • Responsible for the instrument’s precision & quality check that included electric adjustments in laser alignment.

DEF Electronic Industries, Bolton, GA

2002 – 2004

Intern Engineer
  • Developed plan for the control panels
  • Assisted to develop testing units for the automotive industry
  • Developed engineering plans for the interior and fabrication of high-end automobiles.

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