Best Bank In United States of America for International Students 2024

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Coming to the United States of America like Eddie Murphy will sure be exciting and adventurous, more so when you’ve been able to figure out your banking prospect.

For international students moving into the country for the first time, having heaps of currencies lying on your bedroom drawer or in your locker may not be such a wise choice, which is why banks were established (I should grin at that). You can create an account in any of the numerous banks in America as long as you love their services.

Opening a bank account as an international student is the best option to secure your money and depending on the bank you choose, gain some interest while you save. There are two different types of accounts;

1. Savings Account

In a savings account, you could save money over a long period of time. Some students may consider opening one of these if they are working or want to save money for travel or emergencies.

2. Checking Account

Checking accounts enables you to deposit and withdraw money as often as possible.  Usually, when you open a checking account you receive a checkbook and a debit card. Most international students will only need to open a checking account to pay for their living costs while studying in the US.

Every account an international student opens has an International banking account number (IBAN), this number usually consists of alphanumerical digits and characters ranging from 0 to 9, and A to Z and is peculiar to each customer at the financial institution of choice.


For an international student, the requirements usually include;

  1. An ID or passport
  2. Proof of local address with any utility bill
  3. University transcript
  4. You may also need to make some deposits depending on the bank
  5. Student visa
  6. Second ID proof (student card or driver’s license)
  7. Seed money to open the bank account (differs with each bank)

Best Banks In The USA For International Students

Finally, the long-awaited answer, below are the best banks that can offer the kind of services you need as an international student, and they are listed below;

  1. Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking
  2. Wells Fargo Student Checking Account
  3. HSBC USA International Student Account
  4. U.S. Bank Student Checking Account
  5. TD Bank TD Student Checking
  6. Capital One 360 Checking Account
  7. College Checking Bank Account
  8. Keybank student Checking Bank Account

You could make your choice from this list or make your research the most appropriate for you.

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