Best Bank In United Kingdom for International Students 2024

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From moving to the UK as an international student to settling and trying to save up something to fall back to, it is pertinent you get a bank account to ensure you have where to store up and not go about misplacing money.

If you’re new in the UK and are wondering where to bank, hulaa! We have a list of the best banks in the UK for international students from all over the world. How amazing is that?

However, not getting a bank account might make life a little hard for you, in regard to

1. Paying For Accommodation, Gym, And Mobile Phone

You might need to provide a local bank account to your accommodation provider, and for membership in any gym, or in order to get a phone number.

2. Convenience

What if you forget your PIN and need money support like we do a lot on our Google account, what would you do? It also makes transferring money to family and friends a lot easier.

3. Conversion Fees

No additional cost every time you use your home country’s bank card plus a host of other magnificent benefits involved.

If you’ve finally decided on opening an account, below are the basic documents you might need to present at the bank;

  • Your student ID/ Acceptance letter
  • Your passport
  • Your proof of address
  • Your previous bank statements at home (from the past 3 months)
  • Your visa

Best Banks For International Students

1. Barclays Student Additions Account (International)

Sending and receiving money from abroad at Barclays is free plus if you’re in Europe, sending/receiving is less than £100. However, the criteria are that you only have to be over 18 and studying a two-year undergraduate or one-year postgraduate course!

2. Natwest International Student Account

You could send money internationally completely free, and get a choice of 1 out of 3 offers, these usually include one year of Amazon Prime student membership, a 4-year national express card for 1/3 off all coach travel, or a 4-year free tastecard which gets you 50% off food in restaurants around the UK. What’s more, all of these are amazing offers to get you throughout your university years!

The only criteria are that you need to be 17+ and have lived in the UK for less than 3 years. Perfect for international students!

3. Santander Basic Current Account

With this account, Sending and receiving money from abroad in Euros is free. However, it is only open to the UK and European residents, and Sending and receiving any other type of currency incurs a £25 fee.

4. TSB Cash Account

This account has a feature that helps you save money! It rounds up purchases to the nearest pound and puts the rest into savings but just needs to be over 18 with no previous UK bank accounts. Sending and receiving money as a TSB customer in Euros is free!

5. Lloyd’s Classic Account

Lloyd’s classic account enables customers to send and receive money in Euros free plus other mouth-watering benefits like little daily charges for free for a free overdraft after the bank has assessed you and they could lend some financial aid when you need one. To open this account, you only have to be over 18, have a UK address, and have the right to stay in the UK for at least one year.

These are the few banks you are sure to receive the aforementioned and more benefits from as an international student. So, what are you waiting for? Go give it a try.

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