Why You Should Sit At the Front Row in the Class Room

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Well, it quite unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know the impact of sitting at the front row in the classroom. Many are afraid to sit at the front row because they think it is only for those that are intelligent. But let me correct that mentality now and forever. Don’t ever think that the front row is only for those that are intelligent.

Why You Should Sit At the Front Row
Why You Should Sit At the Front Row

Even if you are intelligent or not, you can still sit at the front row. Don’t allow anybody to deceive you with some outdated mentality that can’t even move a rat.

Its high time you think like a man and not like a child. Or, is it that you don’t like answering a question in the class, that’s why you run to sit at the back row?

Sitting at the back row in the class does not mean you are not intelligent, but it’s a choice. There are a lot of intelligent students that like the back row more than the front row, just to make their selves unpopular in the class or school.

Intelligent students like making people feel their level of capability, just to be known by all. Believe me, there are people who are 95% good in that same class or school, but the still keep calm.

So why show yourself up, as if you are the best? As a teacher, if you want to believe what I am saying, just try those students that are in the back row, which you think they are not intelligent and see if they won’t surprise you with their intellectual capabilities.

Could you believe that those sitting at the front row in the class are the ones who are not intelligent? I know it might sound like a parable, but it a clear fact.

The reason why you don’t believe is that you have never asked them questions just because you think they know it already. But, they don’t know it.

All of them that sit at the front row are afraid to answer questions, that’s why each day those that sit at the back row keep moving their tables to the front because they are tired of answering questions, just because of the sit at the back row.

I hope you are getting my point?

Those that sit at the front row are 100% safe because if anything happens, their face is always innocent. But if you are in the back row definitely even if you have the most innocent face in the whole wide world you will still be punished, just because of your position in the class. Well, too bad, but you make that decision so you must bear the consequences.

Many students are angry because I have revealed their secret to the teacher. I know you feel like deleting the post but if that’s how you feel I can help you do that easily.

Just continue reading then at the end of the content you will see a menu that is called “Delete Post” Note: If you scroll down fast to see the menu, you won’t find it because the menu requires you to read the content carefully in order to see it and click.

So when you find it, just click on it, then it will get deleted, but if you can’t find the menu that means I was joking.

You feel like slapping me right? You can still do that because I am around. If you want to know that I have seen your mood right now, just try and drop a reasonable comment in the comment box and see if I won’t reply.

It sounds funny, but you are getting angry the more. Just cool your temper with this soft drink. Oh sorry, I thought you are with me now.

Let’s get back to business because our leisure time is over.

Making you understand the reason why you should sit at the front row in the classroom is very important. But a lot of students don’t like sitting at the front row due to some personal beliefs which they think is right.

Nevertheless, even with the fact that many students who sit at the back or middle row in the class today were once at the front row. Maybe, because of their experience, they just concluded that the front seat is not better.

Let me tell you this, the front row is the best place to sit as a student.

So what were you thinking about before? Do you think middle or back row is the best place to sit in the classroom? Try to sit in a place that makes you focus on what the teacher is teaching. Don’t try to get your attention distracted by the position you find yourself in the class.

No matter, where you sit, try to pay attention to what is going on in the class. Allow your mind to focus and don’t be distracted by what happened at home.

There are things I want you to understand and which will be of immense help to you.

Why You Should Sit At the Front Row in the Class Room.
  • Focus

This is the reason why you were in school because I wouldn’t see any reason you should leave your house and go to school without an aim. At least, the very reason you are in school is to learn. So when you are not focused in class what will you learn?

Sitting in the front row in the class will help you focus on what the teacher is teaching. Don’t be a defender because school is not a football field.  Try to be in a position that will help you concentrate and not being distracted by the unserious ones.

  • Discipline

It will help you know what to do at the right time. Sitting at the front row has a lot of things to entail. All the teacher’s focus is on those at the front row, just because of how other students behave which might affect your studies too because of the position you sit in class.

There’s no teacher that will waste his time to tell the back row to sit-up because as a serious student you are supposed to be in the front even if your seat is at the back.

To show how serious you are, you need to move yourself to the front row when the teacher is teaching in order to have a clear explanation of things and also ask a question when necessary.

Why You Should Sit At the Middle Row in the Class Room
  • To Listen Attentively

This is far beyond truth because it is a clear fact that needs to be told. When you are in a position in which your eyeballs are in direct contact with your teacher, absolutely with that alone, you will understand something without been forced.

Why You Shouldn’t Sit At the Back Row in the Class Room
  • You Won’t Benefit Anything

It’s true because many students don’t achieve anything each day they are in school which supposes not to be so. Any day, you are fortunate enough to be in school try as much as possible to learn something because that particular thing will help you someday.

  • You will Encounter Problems

For sure, that is what you will encounter which will definitely keep you distracted any day you are in school, if not settled. Many students are faced with problems they can’t even imagine how they find their selves in. But what could be the cause?

The problem might not be caused by you but the place you are sitting. There’s an adage which says “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” but for this aspect is “Show me your place and I will tell you who you are”.

You will be faced with many challenges which if you are not strong, can make you drop out of school. So your place in school determines your safety.

You have heard it all, but I am not trying to make you feel bad because of the place you were sitting before. I am just letting you know that being in the front row will help you achieve your aim in school as a student.

Now, that you have learned “Why You Should Sit At the Front Row in the Class Room”. What questions do you have about it? We’d love to hear from you.

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    Nice article, keep it up


    Please tell me how to persuade my son ( 15 years old ) to sit in the front row!
    Thank you 🙂

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