What Does “Education” Mean to You?

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This is quite a tactical question that every responsible individual must ask him/herself. Do you know that being responsible does not amount to the level of your education?

It sounds quite complicated because you think that every irresponsible individual today is suffering because of a lack of education. But, I strongly disagree with you. Do you believe that you can be educated and at the same time be frustrated?

Education does not guarantee you anything. It only prepares you to overcome some life challenges like writing, speaking, and the ability to express yourself. So with this, you might think that you have it all because of your education.

But come to think of it, do you know that 95% of successful individuals today in the world are uneducated. I smile at you, just because you where deceive by people who think they know it all.

What Does “Education” Mean to You?

Do you know that if you are lucky enough to start a business today which you know quite well that it will fetch you a huge amount of money within a short period of time that even those who claim to be educated will be working under you.

Who told you that education is the key way to success? The only way that you can survive in the world today is to face life with full courage. It takes courage to become successful in any field of discipline be it in school, business or whatever you find yourself doing.

Due to how things are happening now in our society a lot of students have dropped out of school, just because of lack of money to do the necessary things in school. So what then do you expect when things are not properly going well?

Even the ones you think are educated can’t boldly define “Education” for me. I know it might sound quite funny but it’s the truth. Okay, if you don’t believe what i am saying, just ask your educated friend and see the respond he/she is going to give you.

It might take up to an hour before they can even open their mouth just to say the word “Education”.  it will be hard for them to say because they have nothing to say next.

But let me give you the courage to define as a professor and also as a Logic Publishers audience. Hahaha….. Its sound funny though, but it the truth. Here we give you the best of what you need to know.

Education can be define as the process of learning which leads to the total development of an individual making such an individual a useful member of the society.

That is the truth; however you can be useful even if you are not educated. Everybody has their own role to play, so don’t think that it’s because of your uneducated life that you can’t make it.

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As i said earlier that a lot of business men and women that are enjoying much wealth today where uneducated. Even with their uneducated life the still make things happen. What do I mean by that? Am saying, that the where able to manage their resources quite well than the educated ones nowadays.

Have you seen what I said, that education does not matter when it comes to success. Many uneducated people failed several times but they didn’t give up just because they know where they are heading to.

There’s a famous quote that always keep me going. It goes this way “that a man on a mission without a vision will totally end up in confusion”. So be wise, my friend.

But what happen today. We have seen that a lot of educated people which claim to know it all always end up spending their resources without any accountability.

But if and uneducated individual wants to spend money he will sit back and make a thorough account on how the money is going to be used. Hahaha…. I know you might think that poverty might be the cause of it, but it not. It is just that he is educated in that field.

What am i trying to say since I started? I know quite well that this article is an amazing one. I definitely compile it for you just to encourage you to sit back and think of what to do before thinking that education is everything.

You can go to school and graduate with the best grade but with that you can’t still find a good paying job. So is it encouraging to work under an uneducated individual with your certificate? Not at all, so it is better, you make a decision now before starting, in other to enjoy the benefit of education.

Because if you are not satisfied with food and other necessary things, definitely you won’t be able to further that studies. And you will be forcefully dropped out of school because your stomach will give you what you need.

I am not trying to say that education is not good. But before you start school, have something that you do in other to pay your bills, house rent and even your school fees. It is not everything that you must depend on your parent.

So it high time you think beyond. Make everything convenient to you, so that you will have peace of mind. When you have money, studies will sweet but if you don’t, things will just be running up your mind always.

And for those of you that are still uneducated, try and make your life complete because an uneducated individual is incomplete. Even with your money has an uneducated individual without your certificate it hard to be a speaker in a public place.

So it not too late for you to start school because education will guide you on everything you need in other to move that business to a greater height which you never expected. Make your dream come through by taking that bold step today and see if you won’t enjoy it more than how your where before.

So Think Twice


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