Designed for aspiring changemakers who identify as women aged 18 and up, the self-paced programme starts on 1 June. With just 16 hours of your time over eight weeks, you’ll gain clarity on your leadership objectives and reflect on your personal and professional goals.

ITL covers an exciting and challenging schedule of activities consists of two parts:

  • ITL – Part 1
  • ITL – Part 2 – for you who are eager to learn and discover more after taking the ITL Part 1.


  • The ITL is a gateway to joining Wedu’s global leadership community of over 4,500 people, accessing education financing and becoming a Rising Star. The Rising Star opportunity nurtures women’s leadership potential through mentoring and lifelong leadership development support to help them achieve their goals. After completing the ITL, you will be invited to apply to become a Rising Star if you identify as a woman.


  • Open for anyone who identifies as a woman;
  • Applicant must be 18 years old or above.

How To Apply

Through a series of online exercises expect to discover your purpose and goals as well as learning more about leadership development and self-management tools. With Wedu’s curriculum, they are committed to provide you a meaningful leadership journey.

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For more information, visit Wedu ITL Course.

Application Deadline: May 21, 2023