Vodafone Ghana Internet Bundle Packages 2021: Subscription, Prices & More

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Are you a Ghanaian and you are looking for the best internet bundle packages, which you can subscribe for? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about Vodafone Ghana Internet Bundle Packages.

Vodafone Ghana Unlimited Internet Bundle Packages

For the Vodafone unlimited browsing in Ghana, you can purchase a monthly, weekly, or daily package. Vodafone is fast, meaning that it allows you have a comfortable browsing time. Below are the bundle categories, names, prices, volume, and finally the codes of Vodafone Ghana unlimited browsing.

Vodafone Ghana Monthly Packages

Below are monthly categories for unlimited browsing bundle in Ghana.

1. Starter Monthly

The starter monthly bundles goes for GH¢ 10. You are given 550 MB that will last for 30 days.

Simply dial *700*310# today to subscribe for the plan.

2. Chat Monthly

The chat monthly Vodafone bundle goes for GH¢ 20 and you get 2048 MB. The bundles will last for 30 days.

Simply dial *700*320# and purchase it today.

3. Browser

The browser package goes for GH¢ 40 offering you 4813 MB. The validity of the bundles is 28 days. Dial *700*340# to subscribe to the browser plan.

4. Dual recharge 50

The dual recharge 50 data bundle goes for GH¢ 50 giving you 5632 MB. The validity of the package is 4 weeks. Dial *700*350# and enjoy the offer.

5. Downloader Mini

This package goes for GH¢ 60 gifting you 7373 MB. The validity is 28 days and the code is *700*360#. Purchase and enjoy your browsing.

6. Streamer Max

Streamer max goes for GH¢ 100 which grants you 13312 MB that lasts for 30 days. The code to purchase this bundle plan is *700*300#.

Vodafone Ghana Weekly Data Packages

Vodafone Gh unlimited browsing bundles and codes 2018

Then there are weekly bundles you can subscribe to;

1. Dual Recharge 2

The dual recharge 2 package goes for GH¢ 2 and you enjoy 120 MB that is valid for 3 days. Simply dial *700*202# to enjoy the amazing offer.

2. Starter Weekly

Starter weekly package goes for GH¢ 2 to get you 100 MB that is valid for a week. *700*22# is the code to purchase the bundle.

3. Dual Recharge 5

Dual recharge 5 goes for GH¢ 5 to get 450 MB that is valid for 7 days. Dial *700*25# to purchase it.

4. Browser Weekly

This package goes for GH¢ 6 to get 600 MB, which will last for a week. Dial this code *700*26# to subscribe to the plan.

5. Downloader Lite Weekly

This offer goes for GH¢ 12 to get 1320 MB that is valid for 7 days. By simply dialing *700*212# you can purchase this plan.

6. Streamer Max Weekly

This package goes for GH¢ 20 to get 3072 MB that will last for 7 days. *700*220# is the code to dial to enjoy your browsing with this package.

7. Browser Max Weekly

Browser max weekly goes for GH¢ 30 to get 5120 MB that will be valid for 7 days. Use this code *700*230# to purchase it.

Vodafone Ghana Daily Data Packages

Below are the daily data packages.

1. Starter Daily

This unlimited internet Ghana package goes for GH¢ 0.5 to get 25 MB. The bundle subscription is valid for 24 hours. Dial *700*10# to subscribe to the amazing Starter Daily plan.

2. Dual Recharge 1

The 24-hour bundle Vodafone package goes for GH¢ 1 to get 60 MB. Simply dial *700*11# to purchase it now.

3. Chat Daily

Chat daily 24-hour subscription package goes for GH¢ 2 to get 130 MB. Dial *700*12# code to enjoy the offer.

4. Browser Max Daily

The browser max daily bundle goes for GH¢ 3 to get 550 MB that are valid for a day. *700*13# is the code to purchase it.

5. Browser Lite Daily

Browser lite daily goes for GH¢ 5 to get 1024 MB, which will be valid for 3 days. *700*15# is the code to dial to subscribe to the plan.

6. Downloader Lite Daily

Downloader Lite Daily will cost you GH¢ 10 and you will get 2560 MB that will be valid for 3 days. Dial *700*110# to purchase this amazing offer.

Vodafone Broadband Packages In Ghana

Every internet surfing Ghanaian must be in love with fast browsing, right? This Vodafone Ghana internet bundle package is among the fastest and an interesting bit about it is; it is very affordable as well as convenient. You can imagine browsing with 12 Mbps; ADSL infrastructure delivers it.

What Is The Entry Offer?

Well, you will be required to pay GH¢ 99 to get a USB modem that is loaded with 500 MB that is valid for 6 good months. This means that when you pay the GH¢ 99 for Vodafone broadband, you will get a sim-card, a USB modem, as well a 500 MB data bundle, which is valid for 6 months.

Vodafone Ghana Promotions

Vodafone has loads of promotions such as Yen Di Agoro, Good Morning, Pay Day, Ahotor, and Sike Kesie. Apart from the promotions, Vodafone also offers free browsing.

What Are The Requirements?

Well, all you need for Ghana free browsing are:

  • An android device
  • A psiphon handler
  • A Vodafone Sim Card
  • You should also pay at least 13 GH¢ to make the tweak work

Below is a step-wise procedure to grant you access to free browsing Ghana 20.

  1. You need to dial *5888# and go for the ‘Val’s offer, which goes for 1 cedi.
  2. You will be required to access one of the available social media. You can decide to enjoy browsing for free Whatsupp, Facebook, or Snapchat.
  3. Download the Psiphon; after turning the data on.

Note that you are required to pay GH¢ 13 to get free browsing Ghana. Before you make the payments, you have to subscribe to ‘X monthly data’ that goes for GH¢ 11.99 so that you can be eligible for an amazing Vodafone offer. Finish up the subscription plan before you enjoy the free browsing. It is such a great offer.

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