Summer Internships for High School Students In 2023

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The summer holiday is a great time to camp and makes new friends but it’s also a great time to learn and make do with the endless internships offered by different forms to learn new skills, widen your knowledge, and discover what lies in the next horizon and make new friends, endless catch with just one hook.

You get a lot of free time in high school, I mean, you’re at the stage in your life where you aren’t laced with responsibilities so you could use this time to gather vast knowledge for the future. You can’t tell what course you will fall in love with, so learn everything.

A lot of internship programs are open to high scholars and if you are looking for one, we have a list (now that’s the motivation you need) to choose from. These companies will be more than just thrilled to work with you so scroll down and check out the list of summer internships below:

1. MET High School Internship

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is one of the most popular internship programs in the world. MET offers paid internships to high scholars from New York, New Jersey, to Connecticut and has different departments and units you might look to work at, good thing their internship program takes place both during the school year and in the summer.

2. NASA Internships

NASA’s internship comes in various forms, the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center offers internship opportunities to high school students from across the globe. The NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP) helps students explore career options within STEM even in school, all you need is to be at least 16 years and either in sophomore, junior, or senior year to apply.

3. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

The Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is an online summer internship program that lasts for four weeks and offers an introductory knowledge of computer science for college freshmen who are passionate about tech.

4. Microsoft High School Internship

Microsoft offers internship programs to students interested in grabbing knowledge within the sphere of STEM. With this internship program, students get the chance to connect, explore and develop their computer science and programming skills.

5. Indiana University Summer Research Program

The Indiana University Summer Research Program is designed to help students interested in biomedical or behavioral sciences explore their career choice and interest. They might be lucky enough to get exposed to the university’s cancer center research programs and engage in their weekly workshops for professional advice on enrolling in graduate and professional programs.

6. U.S. Secret Service Student Volunteer Program

This internship program is open to students who wish to learn about the US Secret Service to assist in protecting the nation’s highest elected leaders. If you’re interested in a career in intelligence, this might be your chance, it may not be unpaid but academic credit is offered.

7. KP Launch Internship

The good thing about the KP Launch program is its paid internship program for students who look forward to acquiring a career in healthcare and exploring the non-medical careers available too. Interns get to work in Oakland and some other medical offices across Northern California.

8. Geosciences Bridge Program

Geosciences Bridge Program is a paid six weeks internship program for high school students hoping to pursue a career in any field related to Geosciences. Students are introduced to ocean sciences, atmospheric sciences, and geographic information systems (GIS)/Remote Sensing techniques. The internship program offers features field trips, lectures, hands-on activities, and two for-credit college courses.

9. Bank of America Student Leaders Program

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program is an eight-week paid internship program that provides high schools the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations like Boys Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Girls Club. Interns could get the chance to attend the Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., and other amazing perks.

10. Smithsonian Internships

Smithsonian Internships offers a wide range of internship programs in fields including business, public administration, art, science, and history. High school students who are intrigued by arts, culture, and history will find this internship program exciting and a gunner for their careers.

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