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Over the past ten years, Schneider Electric has been on the lookout for bold and disruptive ideas in energy management. This year, in collaboration with AVEVA, Schneider Go Green 2021 has returned with a wider variety of exciting themes for students to tackle worldwide!

Seize this opportunity to present your bold ideas and:

  • Pitch to Schneider Electric’s top management at the Virtual Global Finale
  • Receive mentorship from Schneider Electric’s best experts
  • Go on a free trip to Boston, London, New Delhi, Paris or Shanghai for winners
  • Interview with Schneider Electric’s HR team for job opportunities

Schneider Electric believes that energy is a basic human right and is dedicated to furthering mankind through new technologies. As a major player in Energy Management and Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric sees an urgent need for bold ideas that can re-shape a smarter and more sustainable future for both: the industry and the company.

Schneider Go Green, together with AVEVA, are currently looking for game changers around the world who are daring to disrupt and to put skills to the test and push the boundaries of digital transformation in Energy Management.

So#WhatsYourBoldIdea? Join the Middle East & Africa regional challenge.


Join the competition if you are a university student (in Engineering, Business, Physics, etc.) with an interest in revolutionising:

  • Access to Energy: Enable universal access to energy in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Homes of the Future: Can homes be smarter, more sustainable and incorporate new technologies?
  • Plants of the Future: Apply IoT, AI, Machine Learning and more to the industries of the present or future!
  • Grids of the Future: Imagine the future of energy management and distribution!
  • De[coding] the Future: Envision future approaches to design, engineering and construction of assets and infrastructure.


  • Grand Winner: Win a free trip to one of Schneider Electric’s locations in Boston, London, New Delhi, Paris or Shanghai, and connect with their top management & experts!
  • Global Finalists: Pitch your innovative idea to Schneider Electric at the Virtual Global Finale with other regional finalists!
  • Regional Finalists: Receive mentorship and consultation with Schneider Electric’s best experts to polish your proposals!
  • Women in Energy Award:  Win the opportunity to fast-track to global finals! (For one all-female team chosen across the globe, in addition to regional finalists)
  • Job opportunities: WIn the chance to interview with Schneider Electric’s HR team and advance your career goals!


Worldwide, but students should take part in the challenge based on the location of the university that they’re currently enrolled in.  The 7 regions are:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Greater China
  • Greater India
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

For Middle East and Africa:

  • Bachelor’s student (at least on 2nd year) or working on Master’s degree
  • Ideally studying Engineering, Business, Physics, Science, Mathematics, Marketing or Innovation, but open to students of all backgrounds
  • Interested students should form a team of two, with a least one team member being a woman (to fulfil alignment with Schneider Electric’s Diversity & Inclusion philosophy)

How To Apply

  • Step one: Sign up on the main challenge platform
  • Step two: Choose Middle East & Africa and click the “Participate” button to create or join your 2-member team. A friendly reminder that it is mandatory for there to be at least one female per team and the two team members must be located in the same region. Check more details on our platform!
  • Step three: Submit your CV and a 10-slide presentation that includes:
    • Problem statement
    • Differentiation
    • Operational availability
    • Team profile

Click Here To Apply.

For more information, visit Schneider Go Green

Application Deadline: February 28, 2021

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