Rabbit Urine Market In Kenya 2022: Buyers, Contacts And More

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Rabbit Urine Market In Kenya 2022… Are you looking for where to buy Rabbit Urine or do you want to sell your own Rabbit Urine in Kenya? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about Rabbit Urine Market In Kenya 2022: Buyers, Contacts And More.

Rabbit farming in Kenya is one of the livestock enterprises with the greatest profit potential. Apart from the meat, other Rabbit farmers have tapped into their selling urine as foliar fertiliser and bio-pesticide.  Surprisingly, a half litre of the urine fetches more than Sh500.

Rabbit urine is also used as a direct insecticide. Local greenhouse farmers in Kenya are buying the urine which they dilute in a 1:5 ratio in water and spray directly to their crops. One rabbit ordinarily produces 250ml of urine daily. Therefore, with at least five rabbits, a farmer can tap a litre of rabbit urine a day.

Here are some of the buyers of Rabbit Urine in Kenya.

1.  Rabbit Consortium Ltd – +254 725 600 710

2. Rabbits urine Extra – +254775591851

3.  Rabbit republic, Hurlighum – 0720586990

4. Rabbit breeders association of Kenya – 0721219092

5. Alcare group – 0725 893963 / 0718784649

5. Aqua Farm Consultants – (+254) 720586990

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  1. Munene says:

    Hi my name is munene from Meru I have 1000 litters of rabbit urine and I need a buyer contact me via 0724340760

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