List Of Top 10 Electric Utility Companies In USA 2024/2025

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The utility sector is a collective name for the stock of branches it grows into and offers multiple prospects into any of the vast options of diverse companies that are rammed up in the sector. The utility sectors include electric, gas, or water utilities, or those that function as producers or distributors of power.

There are public service infrastructures as well as private and for-profit utility companies scattered across the globe. One of the sectors that thrive despite economic downturn or recession is often utility companies, to this; investors usually buy utilities as long-term assets for the future.

Utilities faced tremendous blackouts after the inflation of the 1970s and ’80s fuel costs soared along with increased regulation and bankruptcies. An electric utility like other spheres of utility requires massive turns of expensive infrastructures to run, however, this sector seems to have made a stunning impact on the economy of the world.

What Is Electric Utility?

Electric utility is a company that is responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity for sale in a regulated marketplace. Electric utilities often include public, investor-owned, cooperative, and nationally owned facilities.

Top 10 Utility Companies In USA

1. Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy is a $ 67 billion company that produces and distributes energy, it is the largest utility stock on the list whose company’s asset amounts to a Whopping 30gw of electricity, an average of 7 million customers, and a dividend yield of 3.2%.

2. Exelon

Exelon is ranked as one of the nation’s largest electric utility providers and is one of the top publicly traded utility stocks in the USA. Exelon’s market value is placed at $46.2 billion with a Dividend yield of 2.9%. It owns nuclear, wind, hydroelectric, and solar generating facilities along with traditional fossil fuel power plants.

Exelon serves more than 20 million customers through six regulated transmissions and distributors that include Atlantic City Electric, Baltimore Gas and Electric, Commonwealth Edison, Delmarva Power & Light, PECO Energy Company, and Potomac Electric Power Company.

3. Entergy

Entergy is an electric utility that serves a vast world of 3 million customers including Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana with oil, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, and generation facilities and coal. It has a market value of $23.7 billion and a Dividend yield of 3.4%

4. Black Hills

Black Hills operates a diversified bridge of gas and electricity. It owns a Market value of $4.9 and has a Dividend yield of 3.2% generating power for almost 1.1 million customers from Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska to Wyoming.

5. NiSource

NiSource is one of the oldest natural gas and utility companies that was founded in Indiana in 1847 and has a Market value of $12.5 billion and a Dividend yield of 3.1% with over 4 million customers in six states.

NiSource’s natural gas price has tripled over the last twelve months but it still manages and controls two coal-fired plants and two hydroelectric dams and is best for investors to watch out for its enticing price.

6. CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy is one of the top electric utility companies in the USA that provides both electric generation and natural gas distribution, transportation, and storage. It also offers home repair protection services, including maintenance on kitchen appliances, and had a Market value of $19.3 billion and a Dividend yield of 2.2%.

7. NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy or FPL (old name) has a Market value stands at $139.5 billion with a Dividend yield of 2.3% is a traditional electric utility that generates and distributes power to wholesale and retail customers in North America serving over 11 million customers in East and lower west coast of Africa.

8. Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy holds a lot of interesting play on green energy and sustainability generating and selling electricity across hundreds of states while relying on its 32,400 megawatts of energy derived from nuclear, wind, solar, natural gas, and hydroelectric assets.

9. AES

AES is a diversified power generation and utility company that is located in Virginia that owns and operates multiple facilities around the world in Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. AES’s Market value stands at $13.5 billion with a Dividend yield of 3.0%.

10. IdaCorp

IdaCorp is a power generating and Distribution Company that operates 17 hydropower generating plants and three natural gas-fired plants with an interest in two coal-fired plants. IdaCorps is based in Boise and operates in the Western US with more than 600,000 customers and businesses across Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Nevada.

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