What Do You Understand By “Interview Etiquette?”

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A lot of people have been hearing about Interview Etiquette, but they don’t really have a clear understanding of what it means. In this article, you will be given detailed information about it.

Interview etiquette is a very important part of getting your dream job. You know you can do the job, but can you get the job? When you are looking for a new job, you need to know the acceptable way to behave so that you come across as a professional whom the employer does not want to pass up.

What protocols do you need to adhere to? What should you wear? How to you calm your nerves before an interview? Hopefully, you will find these hints and tips useful for securing that job.

Interview Etiquette

Before you go for your interview, you need to make sure you are well-groomed, that your hair is clean and tidy, that your nails are clean and that you present a fresh appearance. When dressing for an interview it is best to dress conservatively, even if the company does not have a dress code. First impressions count.

Arrive early for your interview; it’s always better to be a few minutes early than late. Rushing around will only make you stressed and you will be unable to project that aura of calmness that is so desperately needed. Make sure you turn your phone off before going into the interview room. Nothing is more annoying than the bleating of a mobile phone, and it is considered extremely rude.

Be politely assertive and shake hands with each interviewer while looking them in the eye and giving them your full attention. Repeat their names as they introduce themselves to you. Don’t use slang words or jargon, speak clearly and concisely. Pause before you answer a question, it shows you are thinking about what you have been asked and gives you time to formulate an appropriate answer.

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During the interview stay calm and focused. Don’t allow yourself to be rattled. Do show enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the company and your interviewers. After all, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t interested and why would they want to hire you if you weren’t?

If you don’t understand a question, ask for it to be repeated or rephrased. Maintain a natural amount of eye contact but don’t stare. If the interviewer happens to be dressed oddly, has a pimple or some other minor deformities do not focus on it. It can be hard to ignore physical features that are slightly abnormal but you need to pay attention to the person, not the pimple.

Keep your body language polite. Do not lean forward aggressively or sit with your arms folded across your chest. Neither should you sit bolt upright in your chair as if sitting to attention. You should have good posture, but keep it relaxed and friendly.

Don’t fidget with your pen, wring your hands or chew your hair. Keep your hands resting gently on the table, on the arms of your chair, or gently folded on your lap. And refrain from doodling, it is extremely impolite and simply screams, “You’re boring me”.

At the end of the interview shake hands with each interviewer and again address them by name after thanking them for their time. Make a mental note of how and when they say they will be contacting you.

If they have asked you to send them any further information or examples of previous work ensure that you do so quickly. Use the opportunity to compose a simple, short cover letter thanking them for their time and gently reminding them of how interested you are in working for their company.

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