Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass NABTEB Exams In 2023

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National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) is a council or body that takes care of the National Technical Examination (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC), and the different advance or A’  level examinations. Established in 1992 by the Federal Government, candidates who possess this qualification can be placed on level 5 in the civil service setup.

However, to possess this qualification means you need to have written the exam and passed. I know the thing with examinations; they get you nervous and make you cringe and worry but why spend your time worrying when you could actually use that time to invest in passing.

How To Pass NABTEB Exams

1. Prepare Early For The Exam

The NABTEB exam isn’t just any kind of exam, by registering for the exam; you are saying you understand what you want and what you’re getting into. To keep up with the overwhelming competition, it is advised you begin preparation immediately after your registration process is completed. Thus, register on time to begin the journey into reading.

2. Know Your Exam Date, Location, And Time

Do not wait to find out about this two or three weeks before the examination date, start early, exam dates are usually ready at least a month before the date. The exams are usually scheduled for May and November, know where yours fall on. Knowing the date and time saves you from the anxiety that accompanies trying to fix things up a few days before the deadline.

Find out where the location for your exam is scheduled so you can avoid having to run around on the date. Candidates freak out when they arrive late at an Examination venue and realize others had begun before them, the anxiety can make you fail even before you start writing the exam.

3. Grab Hold Of The Exam Materials

NABTEB examination is not an alleyway exam, it’s highly recognized thus you can lay hold of materials, get to know the recommended texts to use for the exam, and get yourself past questions as a guide so you’ll understand the examination patterns and know what to expect but above all, it helps you get prepared for the big exam.

4. Create A Timetable

Timetables have a way of reminding you like an alarm clock that has commitments to see to. Creating one won’t take anything away from you believe it will save you from spending your time on frivolities when you should be preparing for the big exam.

5. Give Distractions A Ass Kick

With other engagements and lifestyles you’ve been used to, it’s easy to get distracted and waddle away from preparing for your exam, distractions will come but how you react to them is what makes the difference.  Try as much as possible to cut down on distractions; phone, music, movies, gist, anything that takes your time, you’ll always have those but NABTEB is this once, go for it.

6. Read, Review And Revise

Make use of the 3Rs, read as much as you can, review every topic you’ve been able to read with other materials and texts but be sure you don’t get confused, and then revise to make sure you haven’t forgotten, then you’re ready to smash the exam.

7. Trust In Your Capability

Know you can and you will. The exams are usually not difficult but some folks who had attempted it without being appropriately armed may have tried and failed and will try to discourage you, do not listen to the crowd, listen to yourself, and am sure you’ll be saying “I can.”

8. Ask Questions

People don’t make mistakes by asking questions, they make mistakes when they don’t ask questions. Reach out to others who have written the exam before and have a lead on how it’s done and get to know the “How’s”. Equally, ask questions about areas you find hard to understand in the different subjects you’ll be working on all the best.

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