Step By Step Guide On How To Excel In A College Interview

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Do you know that what makes you not to succeed in any interview is when you failed to prepare? College interview is the foundation for the future career. Getting into the right college comes from sincere preparation and confidence.

A college interview is a student’s first step into the interview cloud. Though it is the first step and without prior experience, it is possible to crack an interview like a professional. The factors needed for that is an aim, dream, and craving towards success.

How To Excel In A College Interview

A Few Things Need To Be Prepared Before The Interview.

  • Check newspapers and the internet for information regarding college admission. Obtain application form. Fill it and submit before the last date. Apply for more than one college.
  • Do research about the college. Check the internet and you can find loads of information regarding college history, achievements, awards, etc.
  • Prepare for your favorite subject. Get ready to answer the question ‘what is your favorite subject?’ Refresh your knowledge on all topics studied in school.
  • Prepare a speech and an essay from any topic you like. Choose topics of successful people, subjects you studied, inventions, etc. It is better to choose a topic related to the course you have applied to.
  • Improve your communication and vocabulary. The speech and essay can be of full use only with good communication skills. Improve our vocabulary by taking training courses.
  • Build a resume. It is not an easy task but try to make it as good as possible. Even if it does not look powerful or you do not have the stuff to include, still make a resume. It shows that you want to be a complete professional.
  • Know the interview venue at least a day before the interview. Find the route to reach there; do not keep searching in the morning and end up late for the interview.
  • Choose the best and professional-looking attire. If you do not have one, buy it. A soon-to-be professional should look elegant and confident. Avoid jeans, brightly colored dresses, piercing, and cover-up tattoos.

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Most Important Things To Be Considered On The Day Of The Interviews Are:

  • Check your hair, nails, teeth and check for bad breath, avoid using chewing gum. Do not use hair color, strong perfume.
  • Take all required documents like certificates, resume, reference letters, etc.
  • Do not take your parents for the interview. It may show that you are immature. Show your confidence by speaking for yourself.
  • Knock the door before entering. It is a basic interview etiquette. Do not create a bad impression while entering.
  • Start with a firm handshake like a professional. Do not be rough or too weak.
  • Introduce yourself by name, from which school, locality, and interests.
  • Give an answer only when you know the correct answer. Do not give wrong answers.
  • Never lie in an interview. There is a huge probability that you will be caught.

General Questions In A College Interview:

  • Tell about yourself
  • Tell about your family
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What was your best experience in school?
  • What are your interests?
  • What would you like to be in the future?
  • Do you read books?
  • What would you buy if I give you $200?
  • Why do you want to join our college/university?

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