Top 7 Expert Tips On How To Pass AMC MCQ Exams In 2024

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Health is the most priceless commodity that holds the key to life when health is in peril how can one enjoy life and what shall it profit you to be in “wealth” but not in “health” whosoever holds the ability to preserve health and save lives at the same time is truly a hero to the masses and who better to do so besides doctors.


Becoming a doctor gives you the God-given ability To save lives and preserve health and become a beacon of hope to the people of the secular mundane world, but one can’t just close eyes, hold hands, and wish themselves to be a doctor, becoming takes years of Elaborate studies and exams in order to be given the qualifications to deal on the human commodity known as “health”

If you possess the intention to become a doctor in one of the most renowned Geographical Entities in the world then surely, the AMC (Australian Medical Council Exams) is most definitely for you.


Otherwise known as the AMC MCQ, it is simply the Qualifying examination one must take in Australia to be put on the path towards becoming a successful Doctor in Australia, simply put as the MCCQE (Medical Council Of Canada Qualifying Examination) is to Canada or the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) is to the United States so is the AMC Examination to Australia, If Bill Gates suddenly opened up a Microsoft school for blue gates with the condition that whoever took his Exams and passed would become a de facto Software Engineer that would be his own AMC examination.


The Australian Medical Council was established in 1985 as an independent national Standard Assessment body for medical Examination and in-depth training on the path of medicine in Australia

Its purpose was to “ensure that standards of education, training, and assessment of the medical profession promote and protect the health of the Australian community.”


The answer is why shouldn’t you? Medicine involves not only the preservation of health and life but also continuous self-improvement and honing of one’s Medical craft, the AMC Examination is a qualifying examination that means it is absolutely necessary for other for one to be a doctor in Australia and it’s an amazing way for those who want to test their Medical capabilities by taking the Exams although it’s is said that an Exams is not the true test of a person but how can one be ready for the path that lies ahead without first testing their abilities, and not to worry the Exams questions are set to the level that is deemed suitable for future medical Aspirants.


Lauded as one of the most challenging Exams for future medical Aspirants in Australia the AMC MCQ is a computer-based exam that Employs a 3.5-hour Exam session

The examination contains 150 A-type MCQs providing five options but one correct answer. It centres on essential medical knowledge which involves understanding the disease process; clinical examination and diagnosis; therapy and management

You are duly expected to complete all 150 items. Failure to complete all 150 scored items in the examination may lead to insufficient information for a reliable determination of your ability and therefore a result on the AMC adaptive scale. The examination result is recorded as ‘Fail-Insufficient data to obtain a result, the Exams not only test the medical knowledge of the aspirants but also the aspirant’s ability to make judgment calls.


You apply to the AMC for authorization to schedule an MCQ examination event, either online or by requesting a paper form. You will be issued with a 12-month authorization to schedule one MCQ examination event covered in that 12-month period, the purpose of this 12-month time period is for the aspirants to choose not only suitable centres but also suitable months for them to take the Exams, the registration takes place at the official website of the AMC which is at (


The Standard cost of application for the AMC MCQ-CAT Exam is $2720 AUD (Australian Dollar) for a one-time Authorization

The cancellation of this booking will incur a loss of $1360.


The first tip is quite simple as a matter of fact everybody knows it.


Due to the complexity of the AMC Exams, most aspirants start off months early or even a year early In a bid to make preparations for the Exams, Employ the use of recalls, jot down points, memorize, commit it to memory, rest up, recharge and do it all over again while covering the Exam Areas as much as possible, remember it is important to study hard but it’s best to study smart it saves Time and takes half the Effort.


Health is most definitely wealth, what shall it profit you to be in wealth but not health no matter how hard you study always remember to rest in between to let your brain cool down and assimilate what you have learned. Hydrate a lot and eat lots of fruits for only with a healthy mind and body can you be Embodied enough to write an exam or do anything at that besides it would be an extremely ludicrous thing for a future doctor not to know how to take care of their own health.


Variety is as they say the spice of life, now Make it the spice of your studying, read wide and extensively in every different method imaginable, jot down points, memorize if possible vocalize, or employ the use of reason with a piece of calm instrumental music you can even go as far as to read your text whilst recording your own voice and playing it back to yourself at your own leisure since it is commonly said that our voice is the one voice we trust the most get your hands on as many AMC Examinations past recalls as you can study them in other to familiarize yourself with the layout of the exams.


Be positive, never doubt yourself or look down on your hard work no matter how slow your reading speed or comprehension maybe move forward with positive thoughts all the way and make the decision that you are going to pass no matter what the Exams throw your way, don’t take the Exams or anything else casually those who take life’s event casually might end up a casualty.


Keep enough time for revision! It will have you all stressed if you leave everything till the last second.


If you are around those who share the same goal to take the AMC Exams with you at the same time or similar time frame, then half the work has already been lifted off your shoulders, Meet up with friends study up, and ask each other questions use that little bit of peer pressure to ignite your reading potential and propel you to success.


If you’re an immigrant looking forward to writing the AMC Exams then the IMGSOS is for you they offer a wide variety of exam-aiding services for a highly Affordable fee ranging from a 12-week self-study course online, A Six week one on one intensive course, A three week one on one regular course and so much more all found at their official website (

  • Find the best AMC MCQ Exam preparation handbooks From websites like (
  • Search reading material on Australian websites like racgp, ranzcog, etc
  • Make a proper working timetable that contains weekly to daily study sessions.

As tedious and as tough as the Exams may seem, passing them is not an impossibility. It is indeed very possible to pass on your very first attempt so long as you dedicate your time and energy to learning as much as you possibly can.

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