How To Join A Football Academy OR Club In Bulgaria 2024

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Bulgarian football clubs are not obscure, they are some of the most popular football clubs all over the world, and example includes the National Sports Academy, Bulgaria, and some other really versatile clubs to train in.

Most times, the problem most upcoming football players are faced with isn’t only a club where they train to perfect their skills, but also clubs that act as the catalyst, skyrocketing them to stardom. However, they fail to know that they can also take their destinies into their own hands, achieve their dreams of playing in that big football club, and becoming football stars just like Lionel Messi.

In this article, I’ll be providing clues on how you can join a football academy or club in Bulgaria.

How Do You Join A Football Academy In Bulgaria?

1. Through Scouting

This is one of the easiest ways to get picked by your dream club. In scouting, an agent from a particular football club is sent to watch some group of players play in a local football club, and the best guy with the best skills is chosen.

This is usually considered the hardest way to join a football club in Bulgaria because it needs more than just luck, you need to be skillful. If a scout is watching you play, you need to possess certain qualities they’ll be looking out for to be chosen amongst the other players.

These abilities however can be gotten through consistent practice, so do not despise the training in your local football team simply because you know everyone there, and no one is a star yet. Be consistent, and be better.

2. Football Trials

You may have heard about the football trial, but I’ll tell you more about it. This is where you pay money to play in a big game in your region or locality for the purpose of being scouted.

One thing about football trials is that you are not getting paid for playing and agents from the football club you are hoping to train under join will be watching, looking for the best of the best, so give it your best.

3. Your Coach OR Agent

Getting an agent or a coach can be a little expensive but this may be the easiest means of getting into a football club in Bulgaria. This is because you won’t be the one doing the hunting, your agent will be. Plus there are other benefits of having a coach and an agent such as: since your coach or agent is an expert in the game, they’ll be able to offer you pointers and corrections that will make you a better player.

4. Join A Football Academy

You Can Join A Football Academy In Bulgaria By:

  • Recording a live video of yourself playing on the pitch, and be sure to display your special skills, you need to show off if you can in order to impress the judges.
  • Send the football academy an email, or write them a letter, and attach the video of you playing on the pitch or
  • Visit their headquarters in Bulgaria for a face-to-face interview.

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