How To Join The Australian Army In 2024

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The Australian Army is one of the principal terrestrial warfare and the oldest part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Roles Of The Australian Army

  1. The Australian Army is responsible for the preparation and execution of military activities.
  2. Security and maintenance of military bases and equipment.
  3. They conduct surveillance, board operations, and serve as an infantry soldier.
  4. They establish, maintain command, and control communications facilities and equipment.
  5. They also provide firepower to ground-based air defense.
  6. The Australian army equally evacuates obstacles on minefields, builds bridges, and tackles targets using explosives.
  7. They repair airfields, construct temporary roads, and build field defenses.

How To Join The Australian Army

Before hitting the Apply button, you should check the eligibility requirements to know your status.

1. Age

The minimum age requirement to join the Australian Army is 17 years but you’ll need to get your parental consent.

There is no fixed maximum age to join the Army in Australia as it entirely depends on the position you are applying for but you can’t apply if you aren’t up to 17 years.

You’ll need proof of birth date; you must present your birth certificate. In some cases, evidence may also be accepted in the form of a Statutory Declaration.

Photocopies or replicas of birth certificates or receipts by a District Registrar are unacceptable unless officially issued or certified.

2. Medical Fitness

This is part of the pre-enlistment fitness test which usually includes an assessment of the strength of the cardiovascular system and muscular endurance through sit-ups, push-ups, and a 20-meter shuttle run test.

This usually takes place two weeks before enlistment.

3. Criminal Record

Can you join the Australian army as an ex-convict? Yes, however, your recruitment with this record depends on the severity of the offense.

  1. Can you join as a foreigner? Yes, but you’ll need to meet up with the requirements listed below;
  • You must be less than 50 years old at the time of application.
  • You must possess skills, qualifications, and experience that can be directly applied to the Army.
  • You must be a currently serving member of the foreign military or left your services three years ago.
  • You must demonstrate proficiency in the English language (writing, reading, speaking, and listening) as directed by the international English language test system.
  • You must have at least five years of full-time military experience.
  • You must be eligible to undertake Australian citizenship.
  • You must hold and obtain an appropriate level of ADF (Australian Defence Force) security clearance.
  • You must pass the medical entry standard set by the ADF.
  • You need to resign from your current military service and have no obligations to complete any Reserve service.
  • You need to obtain subclass 186 – an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa from the Department of Home Affairs. Also, you and your accompanying family members need to meet specific character and health requirements.

Application Process

1. Click on the apply button on the official webpage.

2. Fill in your details accurately and submit. After submission, you’ll be granted access to the candidate hub page where you can upload supplementary application details.

3. A mail will be sent to you inviting you for an aptitude test.

4. If you’re successful in the aptitude test, you’ll be invited for a session called Your Opportunity Unlimited (YOU) which will hold in one of the local defense centers.

5. Expect the selection process afterward.

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