KRA Pin Checking Guide 2021: How To Check KRA Pin Using ID Number

KRA Pin Checking Guide 2021… Are you looking for a way to check your KRA Pin Using ID Number? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information on How To Check KRA Pin Using ID Number.

Your KRA pin is important especially if you want to carry out certain transactions. If you can’t remember the KRA pin number or you have lost or misplaced the KRA pin certificate, you need to ensure that you recover the pin number as fast as possible to avoid any inconveniences. There are different options available to you. Here’s how to retrieve the KRA pin using an ID number.

KRA iTax Pin Checker

One of the most common search questions is “can I use the KRA pin checker to retrieve my pin”. Well, most people think that they can use this option to retrieve the lost pin. However, the pin checker only allows you to confirm if the pin is genuine.

This means that you must be having a pin number and not an ID number to use this service. It is important to note that the information generated by the pin checker is limited to the basic details of the taxpayer.

How To Check My KRA Pin Using ID Number

How can I retrieve the KRA pin using an ID number? Fortunately for people that need to access their pins in such situations, there is a quick solution to your dilemma. All you need is to have an original ID with you. The most effective solution is to visit a nearby KRA office or Huduma Centre. At the customer service desk, you should request the retrieval of your KRA pin. You will be asked to provide your original ID, after which you will be issued a printed copy of the KRA certificate.

Reach KRA Via Social Media

What if there is no KRA branch near you? In such a case, the only solution is to submit your pin retrieval request via social media. Scan a colored copy of the original ID card and message it to the official social media page of KRA and request your pin number.

Twitter is one of the best ways to reach KRA. The KRA media team will reply to your posts in less than an hour’s time. If you are not a fan of social media and there is no KRA branch close to you, send the scanned ID copy to the KRA official email address, which is Experience has proven that the method of asking for assistance via social media sites is the most effective as a timely response is guaranteed.

Email KRA

Email is the least suitable channel to use when seeking assistance on KRA pin number recovery as they almost always never reply to emails. If you have your email login details for the account you provided during iTax registration, log in to your email account and download the pin certificate.

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