Funny Phone Numbers To Text When You’re Bored In 2024

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There are lots of pranks my friends and I used to play back then and thinking about it now, it really did lift some weight off our shoulders. Recall knocking on random doors, or screaming that there is light even when there was no power just for the fun of it? There was something else, dialing random numbers to listen to what the receiver sounded like.

There is a way to take that fun to the next level; maybe you want to get even with a friend or get vengeance over what your landlord did or prank your boyfriend or husband with some funny numbers, there is a way to do that and I know that way. Let’s say you’re my mischief buddy now so I’ll teach you just how to cause more mischief with some sly and funny phone numbers you could text when you are up to no good.

Funny Phone Numbers To Text

Oh, remember when Oppa Gong Too called out a number in the Squid game and it turned out the number actually belonged to someone? Right, we could try some other numbers and just have fun texting and receiving replies. So, are you ready, my fellow mischief buddy? I’d spared you the trouble of searching for creepy numbers and done it myself, so, let’s have fun. However, you should keep in mind that you’ll be charged for each text delivered.

1. 605-475-6973

Try this number if you wish to put a nagging girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend in their place. Rather, if you have an acquaintance or someone somewhere who complains a lot, you might want to leave them a message on how deteriorating their attitude is to their relationships, life, and career. It’s just the way to go.

2. 605-475-6958

Who’s sober and needs some really warm conversation with “who knows who?” You might want to save this number for a sober day or maybe right now for yourself or for an intoxicated friend.

3. (212) 804-6979

This is the ultimate pre-dating rehearsal number for those of us who are still single and searching for Lola. Try composing some really cool messages and pretend you are sending them to the woman of your dreams and await a reply shortly. Just have fun but be sure you don’t fall in love, it can’t be helped if you do.

4. 866-740-4531

Want a deep conversation with Groot? This might be the deepest and most astounding conversation you might have in your life.

5. 1-603-413-4124

You’ll owe me on this one. What better time to ring Santa Claus for some Christmas surprise? I saved your ass this time, so go get your Christmas gift from Santa.

6. 605-475-6964

Lacking motivation and need some wake-up call? This is the right number to text. Again, you owe me.

7. (605)-475-6959

If you’ve got a friend or colleague at work who’s just so okay with their bad breath athlete problem, you might want to hit up this hotline for them. Leave them a short text via this number advising them of their bad breath.

8. 605-475-6961

As an eleven year old, nothing would have been more tempting than ringing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for admission (lol). Let’s see if you share my weird desires too.

9. 401-285-2079

If you have some indecent friends or children and you wish to reprimand them but still be at a go-go level with them, let them dial this number on their phones and enjoy the reprimanding they’ll get. You’re cleared.

10. 212-479-7990

This is the super “rejection hotline” for that guy, boss, or lady who just doesn’t accept a no for an answer. Again, you owe me.

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