How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From Kenya 2024

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Do you wish to get a free football trial in Europe from Kenya? I’ll tell you how. There’s a lot of information circulating at the moment about how you could pay some amount of money in order to get a trial well, that may be true, and on the other hand, it could be a feud. Here is how you should do it, I have explained the processes in a four-category space with I theme “Football Trial 101” so keep reading.

How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From Kenya

Like every other dream, the road may be a bit rough but if you keep your head in the game, you are sure to arrive safely at your destination and swiftly too.

1. Scouting

Many top football players and some G.O.A.T got into the big game through this means. While you may feel this is impossible and may not happen to you, let me tell you a secret, each time you play on the pitch, be sure to give it your all because you do not know who is watching.

A scout may find your strength and speed as graceful as that of a gazelle and get you into the big game or you could pay to play in a trial game but if you do this, be sure to bite the dust and do not relent in effort till you achieve your goal. After being scouted, you may be invited to attend football academy trials in Europe or anywhere else.

2. Get You An Agent

An agent does more than just get you into the big game; some agents are smart as hell and can offer valuable lessons thereby acting as both agent and coach, so do not underestimate the power of an agent. Agents also take care of other parts like contracts and salaries, this is where they will take their fee and agents are people with contacts, a lot of contacts.

So, if you can impress an agent, they can be a helpful person because they can arrange trials or football scouts to come and watch you play and if you succeed and become a big player, it’s a win-win game.

3. Your Coach Might Be A Blessing

Some things we do not know about coaches are that they’re like agents, they have lots of contacts, they know which player is at the top of his game and they have what it takes to help a potential player get to the top.

4. Contact The Club Via Email

This might seem unlikely to get you there but if you can sell yourself out and impress the people up here, you could get yourself into the big game. Here is a too on how to do that;

  • Get hold of an email from the club
  • Get the details of anyone who works in the club.
  • Have an agent or a person who knows people in the club.
  • Send a video of yourself playing (be sure it’s your best game) on the pitch to their email address and pray while waiting.

This is because huge clubs like that get lots of emails daily but how many do they open, and how many do they respond to?

5. Join A Specialized Academy

This is another way through which you could get a football trial as fast as possible. However, be sure that the academy you’ll be signing up for has an affiliation with other academies, not football clubs that could sign you in and ultimately help you achieve your dreams.

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