How To Get A Football Trial In Europe From Ghana 2024

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Ghana is one of those African countries that can boast of amazing talents and intelligentsia from all spheres of life: ranging from medicine to law and oh, including football. I know as a u21 or u23 all you care about and dream of is getting signed up in the big clubs that ring a bell, well, that can be fixed.

Getting signed up may not be as simple as ABC, the way your elementary school teacher taught you. In fact, go and ask the others, those who had bigger dreams than you, some had to drop because they thought it futile to continue on a bleak path, but hey, you can make your story different.

So, how do you get a football trial in Europe all the way from Ghana? You have four choices, you can choose to run out the four, or you could stick to one, it’s the result that matters. Here’s what you should do:

1. Get An Agent

I honestly do not know why I made this the first option but I guess it’s because if you are lucky, your agent may be more than just an agent to you, he may be a coach as well as a friend, offering football lessons and teaching you from experience.

Agents are responsible for seeking, negotiating with football clubs, and getting you signed up, in return, they get some percentage of their salary. You may not like the part where you have to pay for the services of an agent since you will just be getting started believe me, knowing you have an agent has a way of taking your mind off some things and concentrating only on becoming better.

2. Scouting

A scout may be sent to spy out the land or football team in your case, for the best talents and if you are what he needs, you may see better days. Scouts are sent frequently from bigger football clubs to search for the next rising football stars in smaller football teams. However, in order to get scouted, you should practice regularly with your campus or area football team, most of the big guys started out that way.

3. Write To A Football Club In Europe

This may discourage you but it’s equally fun knowing you are about to take your future into your hands. I said “discouraging” because lots of aspiring players send their mail daily but very few to zero receive responses you might want to keep your fingers crossed. Here’s how to write to the football club;

  • Get the football club’s official email address
  • Draft a beautiful letter and attach your CV. Be sure to sell your talents in this letter.
  • Attach a video of yourself playing on the pitch. Be sure this video captures you scoring a goal as a striker, putting a strong fair tackle as a defender as well as a formidable cross as a winger. You’ll need this to stand out.
  • Send the mail and pray while you wait.
4. Join A Football Academy

This is for players who only practice with their kid brothers at home, how on earth do you expect to be scouted being in your house? Go out there, sign up in a football academy that is well known, and give in your best game, you might not know who is watching.


If you ever get invited by a renowned football club to a football trial, go for it. Nonetheless, if you get an invite from any football agencies you haven’t heard of, be sure to ask questions before pulling your barbed wire and if you feel queasy about the whole invitation, forget it, it could be a feud. Keep your dreams alive and reach for the star.

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    How can I get the form from Nigeria to accra Ghana to join a football team?

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