10 Best Culinary Schools In Africa 2024

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Best Culinary Schools In Africa 2024… Are you looking for the list of the Best Culinary Schools In Africa As Of 2024? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about the 10 Best Culinary Schools In Africa As Of 2024.

Becoming an excellent chef does not come by chance. Even if you are naturally excellent at preparing meals, you need professional training to hone your skills. Besides cooking, culinary schools teach related topics such as kitchen management, food sanitation, business and management, inventory, and cost control.

10 Best Culinary Schools In Africa

This is where you will get to know the 10 Best Culinary Schools In Africa in which you can enroll. This school offers the best you need to become a good cook. Here we go about the 10 Best Culinary Schools In Africa;

 1. The Institute of Culinary Arts, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Institute of Culinary Arts is an award-winning culinary institute that is rated internationally as one of the best cooking schools in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Besides, it is one of the top three cooking schools in the world.

The institute is based on classic principles alongside innovative and creative thinking. It was established by Letitia Prinsloo – an earnest educator, teacher, mentor, and chef-owner. The mandate is to train world-class chefs that can compete in a global cooking arena.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Advanced Culinary Arts, Advanced Pâtisserie
  • Food Preparation & Cooking
  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Certificate in Food & Beverage Service.

2. BOMA International Hospitality College, Nairobi, Kenya

The Boma International Hospitality College (BIHC), in partnership with the Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS), is a World-Class Pan African Hospitality and Culinary Arts training institution established in May 2015.

It is one of the top culinary schools in Kenya. The study curriculum includes international internship programs in the USA, the Middle East, and parts of the Caribbean, teaching graduates and students all the necessary know-how for the demanding industry of hospitality.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Swiss Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Culinary Operations
  • Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations
  • International Cookery
  • Pastry & Bakery

3. Red Dish Chronicles, Nigeria

Red Dish Chronicles is one of the best culinary schools in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos and Abuja, offering world-class cooking education.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Continental Culinary Arts Course
  • African Culinary Arts Course
  • Dessert Culinary Arts Course
  • Artisan Bread/Boulangerie Course
  • Professional Chefs Diploma – Patisserie
  • Professional Chefs Diploma – Cuisine + Patisserie
  • Professional Chefs Diploma – Combination Program
  • French Pastry Culinary Arts Course
  • Cake Baking/ Decorations Course
  • Professional Chefs Diploma – Cuisine

4. Capsicum Culinary Studio, South Africa

Capsicum is one of the largest chef schools in South Africa and it has six campuses, one of which is in Pretoria, Boksburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Rosebank. Their qualifications are internationally accredited by Worldchefs, City & Guilds, Cathsseta, and Fasset, among other reputable bodies. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you stand a chance to work anywhere in the world once you study there.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Professional Patisserie Program
  • Food and Beverage Program
  • Advanced Professional Chef Program
  • Professional Chef Program
  • Short Order Cook Bootcamp
  • Online Courses: Chef 101
  • Assistant Chef Program
  • Rookie CHEF (Exclusive to High School Learners ONLY)

5. Egyptian Chefs Association, Cairo, Egypt

ECA represents professional chefs in Egypt. It is dedicated to maintaining and improving culinary standards in Egypt through its membership’s education, training, and professional development.

The ECA is actively involved in activities such as training and education, publishing and editing their magazine, Chef’s Corner, participating in cooking competitions worldwide, nominating cooking ambassadors, and engaging in humanitarian acts such as donating food to the less fortunate.

6. JHB Culinary & Pastry School, Johannesburg, South Africa

JHB came into existence in June 2012 under the leadership of Kelvin and Jarlyne Joel, and the school has trained over 1000 students. The school offers 30% theoretical and 70% practical training. The beauty of studying here is that students can have an exchange program with Le Castel Hotel School in France. With that, students get an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a different environment.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • National Certificate: Hospitality and Catering Services
  • QCTO Chef Professional Qualification
  • FoodBEV SETA (NQF Level 2)
  • City & Guilds International Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • City & Guilds International Diploma in Patisserie

7. International Hotel and Tourism Institute, Nairobi, Kenya

This is one of the ideal culinary schools in Kenya. The institute opened its doors to new students in May 2005, with an initial admission of only four (04) students. The institution rapidly gained recognition and fame and now has over 250 students from 5 different countries.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • Cookery
  • Pastry
  • Wine and Bar Knowledge
  • Food and Beverage Service Techniques
  • Food & Beverage Service Supervision.

8. Styda Culinary Academy, Warri, Nigeria

Styda Culinary Academy is the foremost government-approved culinary school in Delta State. The mandate is to provide training that will refine African culinary entrepreneurship, revolutionizing the continent’s food industry.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • French Baking and Patisserie Program
  • Professional Chef Diploma (Baking and Patisserie)
  • Professional Chef’s Diploma (Cuisine and Baking) Course
  • Professional Cake Making and Decorating Program
  • Professional Chef Diploma (Cuisine)
  • Professional Diploma Program (Cuisine, Baking, and Patisserie)
  • Kids/Teens Cooking and Baking Class (Summer Classes)
  • Refresher Course.

9. Silwood School of Cookery, Rondebosch, South Africa

Silwood School of Cookery is South Africa’s most acclaimed cookery school. It has over 54 years of experience, making it the oldest one as well.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • 1 Year Silwood Cordons Bleus Certificate
  • 2 Year Silwood Cordons Bleus Certificate
  • 3 Year Silwood Cordons Bleus Certificate
  • 1 Year Patisserie Certificate Course (Part-time)

10. Chef’s Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

Chef’s Academy is a training Agency accredited since 2013 and it issues certificates of qualification. It offers the perfect blend of entrepreneurship and culinary skills to create your ideal education. However, it is not only your cooking that needs to be perfected if you want to pursue a career in Cuisine.

Some of the courses they offer are:

  • African Culinary Art
  • Cake Baking Art + Cake Baking Art (Advanced)
  • Chef’s Academy Junior (Summer course for kids)
  • Dessert / Pastry Art
  • Advanced Continental Culinary Art
  • Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Healthy Living Cuisine
  • Continental Culinary Art
  • Diploma in Culinary Art.

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