Top 8 Best Australia Universities To Study Art History

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Are you looking for the best university to study Art History in Australia? If yes, then this informative article will give you the step by step guide on the Best Australia Universities To Study Art History.

Art history is about more than just appreciating beautiful sculptures and paintings. Those at the top of their field have carefully developed not only a keen eye for visual pieces of art but also a deep understanding of how works of art speak to the historical, societal, and political contexts in which they were created.

While some will seek future employment in museums or galleries, the analytical skills one will emerge with from any of the top colleges on our list will translate across many fields. The list of our best universities for art history will land you at the top of the heap when it comes time to apply to grad school or seek competitive employment in this specialized arena.

What are the top 8 Australia universities for Art History? Learn more about the top 8 ranking Art History universities in the Australia.

1. The Australian National University

2. Griffith University

3. The University of Western Australia (UWA)

4. The University of Queensland

5. The University of Sydney

6. The University of Adelaide (UoA)

7. The University of Melbourne

8. Charles Darwin University

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