Top 5 Best Australia Universities To Study Anthropology

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Are you looking for the best university to study Anthropology in Australia? If yes, then this informative article will give you the step by step guide on the Best Australia Universities To Study Anthropology.

Anthropology is a science that deals with physical and cultural development, society, and evolution. Anthropologists write reports and give presentations on their findings; they study languages, cultures, prehistory, and evolution; and collect and manage information through observations, interviews, and research.

They typically work full-time schedules, although they might be required to travel and work longer hours when doing fieldwork. Anthropologists can work in an office, laboratory, or in the field for research organizations, museums, consulting firms, colleges and universities, all levels of government, and private corporations. The field of anthropology has several areas of focus including archeology, forensic anthropology, cultural anthropology, or linguistic anthropology.

Those who have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and work experience from an internship or field school can work as a field archeologist, anthropology research assistant, or assistant museum curator.

However, for the majority of positions that take on leadership roles, a graduate degree is the norm. Most master’s degree programs are two years in duration and include field research. Employment for graduate degree holders includes museum curator or manager, consultant, researcher, and forensic anthropologist. Course topics include conservation, history, human evolution, biology, anthropology, osteology, and cultural anthropology.

What are the top 5 Australia universities for Anthropology? Learn more about the top 5 ranking Anthropology universities in Australia.

1. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

2. Western Sydney University

3. University of Melbourne

4. La Trobe University

5. James Cook University

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