Wharton MBA Application Fee Waiver 2022/2023

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Don’t feign it, sometimes an application fee is just that dead end for us. Having to scoop at $25 (or more) for application fees when there are a thousand more school bills to settle can wreck some of us, I know how that feels and the fact that most colleges keep increasing the application fees is a deadpool for most individuals.

The Wharton MBA program is a two-year intensive program at the University of Pennsylvania that offers quality MBA courses like none other and there are battalions of aspirants who would do anything to get past the application fee which is exactly what this article is about, the Wharton MBA application fee waiver.

Colleges have begun to see deep into one of the reasons why most students can’t afford an education at the University of their choice, one of such reasons is the high cost of application fees and they have sorted out means to cub this problem and help students achieve their dreams by offering application and school fee waiver to students.

How To Get Application Fee Waiver

There are a few ways to get an application fee waiver in the Wharton MBA program and it includes the following;

1. Visit Campus

Most colleges would live you to visit the campus and meet their help desk to be rewarded with an application fee waived.

2. US Military Experience

One of the ways to get an application fee waived in Wharton MBA is to be a veteran or an active duty military applicant. A designation will get you a waived fee at many business schools in the US.

3. High GMAT Score

You may get some application fee waivers in your email if you are lucky enough to earn a high GMAT score and you opted in to have GMAT share your score with partner institutions.

4. Severe Economic Hardship

Wharton also considers applicants who may be going through severe economic hardship and may lend a helping hand by granting an application fee waiver.

You might be invited to contact admissions if you have experienced ‘severe economic hardship’ which could grant you an application fee waived. You must submit your request a least a week prior to the application deadline.

Who Is Eligible?

Application fee waivers are only granted to students for whom the application fee would create an extreme financial hardship or for U.S. military active duty or veteran applicants.

Applicants who wish to request a fee waiver must start their application and e-mail feewaiver@wharton.upenn.edu with information detailing their financial needs. We will then follow up for supporting documentation. Requests must be submitted no later than 15 days prior to application submission and no requests will be granted after the application deadline for the round in which you applied.

Veterans or active duty applicants are required to reach out to the school’s admissions office when they are ready to submit their applications.

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