(Our Top 10 Picks) Wedding Venues In Nairobi And Their Charges 2021

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Are you looking for the best wedding venues in Nairobi? If yes, then this informative article is for you. An all-inclusive, best-in-class wedding experience is everyone’s desire. The guests love them, and you will love the experience as well. How does it work? Virtually every aspect of a wedding is customizable. You can play around with the attire, ditch the excess flower baggage and forego the expensive decor.

However, there is one thing that you cannot disregard: a venue. You ought to have a suitable and conducive location for your family and friends to gather and celebrate, and Nairobi has some of the most remarkable. So, which are the most elegant wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges?

A wedding’s ideology is quite simple: create a lavish ceremony in the most stunning environment for you and other people to celebrate your momentous day. Therefore, you cannot afford to err venue-wise. Even if you are searching for a stunning barn or a comfortable, low-key restaurant with a savannah vibe, you ought to make numerous inquiries and perform thorough research.

Maybe a wedding planner can help you figure out the best indoor wedding venues in Nairobi or give you a list of wedding venues in Nairobi. How will you know the capabilities of a space and its layout? After all, that is one of the most significant factors when deciding on a wedding venue. It is integral to make your vision a reality, and it all has to do with selecting the most suitable wedding venues in Nairobi.

Ideal Wedding Venues In Nairobi And Their Charges

Indeed, selecting a wedding venue is one of the first and biggest decisions that you will make as an engaged couple. Hence, you ought to have the wedding venue in mind and all considerations that affect the choice. The choice will influence your décor, attire and even vendors. Therefore, it is ideal that you break everything down before making a move.

Knowing cheap wedding venues in Nairobi can help you work on a suitable budget. Also, if you are looking for something exotic, then garden wedding venues in Nairobi can be a great idea. It is all about making the most appropriate decision at the right time and at the most affordable cost.

1. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club are amongst the most glamorous wedding venues in Nairobi. This amazing hotel is located at Kigwa Road Ridgeways. The lavish hotel and country club is spread across vast land with a beautiful garden that can host more than 2000 guests. So, if you were searching for wedding locations in Nairobi with a humungous capacity, Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is your spot.

The hotel and country club has various wedding venues and amenities that will amaze you.

  • The Graden Pond is perfect for memorable “I do” moments.
  • The Kigwa View, a human-made lake with a great ambiance.
  • The 10th Tee overlooks the expansive golf course and is one of the most favoured wedding photo session venues in Nairobi.

The wedding venue charges differ with the different packages offered. Its Lake-view side can host 300 guests at approximately Ksh.100,000. The Garden Pond view can host up to 150 guests at an average cost of Ksh.75,000 while Kigwa Road View can host 500 guests and it’s approximately Ksh.120,000. Another popular location is the 10th Tee that can cost you about Ksh.145,000 for hosting 1,500 people.

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club have a history of hosting big weddings. Its surrounding landscape is simply serene. Its ambiance is surely something worth looking forward to. It’s a five-star hotel, so expect honeymoon packages to be exquisite.

2. Karen Country Lodge

Who wouldn’t want their wedding taking place at the most exotic venues in Nairobi, in one of the most lavish leafy suburbs? If Karen Country Lodge is your preferred location, you can enquire with specifics of your preferred wedding set-up to get a suitable package.

Once at Karen Country Lodge, enjoy the Kenyan cuisine served in the hotel. Their wedding packages include reception grounds, honeymoon packages, and catering. It is one of the best indoor wedding venues in Nairobi.

3. Hilton Hotel

How about a strategically located wedding venue at the centre of the Central Business District in Nairobi? Wouldn’t it be a one-of-a-kind event considering the unconventional urban setting that most people shun today? Hilton Hotel is one of the best wedding photoshoot venues in Nairobi as it has amazing interior design and décor that most people are looking for.

The reception charges vary depending on the wedding package chosen and the number of guests. Hilton is a five-star hotel that hosts guests from all over the world. The hotel stands out because of the rooftop pool, five restaurants, a spa, and a ballroom. It has amazing poolside parties’ avenues and impressive ballroom banquets that can make your wedding lively.

If you haven’t considered this location, you might as well add it to your list. This hotel hosts indoor weddings and other events as well. You can enjoy a Swedish massage, free parking for all your wedding guests, and a honeymoon suite made for the new couple.

4. Nairobi Serena Hotel

The best wedding venues in Nairobi offer incredible amenities that you can hardly discover anywhere else. Nairobi Serena Hotel is an established brand in the hospitality industry that offers a variety of services, including event hosting. It has one of the world’s most incredible historic and exotic settings ideal for wedding events.

How much will it cost you to host a wedding event here? The hotel has great wedding packages for its clients by offering an unrivaled vast range of banqueting services. Their wedding reception packages are as follows:

  • Lavish 5 Course Buffet, inclusive of 1 soft drink from Ksh.3,600 per person.
  • Tastefully set dining venue complete with background music.
  • Complimentary use of our state-of-the-art LED digital screen.
  • Complimentary 1st-anniversary dinner voucher.
  • Complimentary Photoshoot on their grounds.

Additionally, clients can access their bronze, silver, or gold photography packages to preserve the great memories of their wedding day.

5. Nairobi Safari Walk

Are you looking for a nature-centric location? Then the Nairobi Safari Walk will suit you perfectly. Located in Langata, less than thirty minutes away from the Nairobi Central Business District is the best place to host your wedding.

Here, you are going to experience the three major ecosystems, enjoy the view of a wide variety of birds and wildlife, and many more. It is the closest you can get to the wild close to the urban dwelling. Amazing, right?

Since it is a location under the Kenya Wildlife Services, expect to pay the ordinary park fees inclusive of some extra charges for hosting your wedding event. You will love the savannah ambiance of one of the best wedding reception venues in Nairobi.

6. Sankara Hotel

Sankara is a five-star luxurious hotel at the heart of Nairobi, one of the ideal venues for weddings and outside events. Among wedding venues in Westlands Nairobi, Sankara stands out as one of the most decorated and preferred by numerous clients.

Sankara Hotel is located at 05 Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi, which is in perfect proximity to the Nairobi Central Business District and other suburbs. The venue has an appealing contemporary setting that is great for memorable private events. You can request custom decorations to suit your specific needs in the lush garden space that can accommodate many people.

The hotel offers custom packages according to the client’s interests. It is advisable to visit their website to find out more about the charges for hosting an event at their prestigious location.

7. Safari Park Hotel

Safari Park Hotel is located along Thika Road opposite Neema Hospital. The hotel offers different wedding packages that include the Executive Choice, Premier Choice, Deluxe Choice, and Classic Choice. Each has different charges and services for clients.

Safari Park hotel has an interesting Paradise Bridal Walk Packages that they charge Ksh.65,000 for a maximum of 24 guests. This gives the client and their guests VIP treatment upon arrival and a bridal party among many more.

Also, Safari Park charges the following per person for wedding buffet packages:

  • Ksh.3,400 for Classic
  • Ksh.3,800 for Deluxe
  • Ksh.4,100 for Premier
  • Ksh.4,500 for Executive

The renowned hotel has other additional services for wedding clients. This makes them one of the most diversified indoor and outdoor wedding event venues in Nairobi.

8. Lukenya Getaway

Lukenya Getaway is located at the foot of Lukenya Hills in the Athi River. The venue goes for Ksh.30,000 for a guest population of 300 people. A normal wedding décor goes for Ksh.50,000 while a traditional wedding décor is charged at Ksh.80,000.

For a couple who would wish to have a small number of guests at one of the traditional villages, they would be charged Ksh.50 000 for around 50 guests. A location away from the city, Lukenya Getaway is convenient for a couple that wants to have their wedding in a serene environment but not that far from the city.

9. Langata Botanical Gardens

This is a lushly planted park with breath-taking views perfect for a wedding. Since it is far from the noise of the Central Business District, and surrounded by trees and flowers, it is great for a relaxed wedding event. You can make a reservation at the Langata Botanical Garden through their responsive website to get a custom quotation for your wedding.

10. Evergreen Park and Garden

Evergreen Park and Garden are located along Kiambu Road just 6km from Muthaiga Golf Club. The property sits on approximately ten acres of land with another 2.5 acres of water in the form of a dam. Considering the incredible amenities and amazing scenery, wouldn’t you prefer this location as your perfect wedding venue?

Evergreen Park has two locations for wedding events. One is the site of the terraces that overlook the dam while the other holds the ordinary features of wedding spaces. That is why it counts as one of the most preferred wedding photo session venues in Nairobi. You can get in touch with the site organizers to get a custom quote.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of the most remarkable wedding venues in Nairobi and their charges. Which one do you fancy? Whether you are looking for a traditional or exotic setting, Nairobi has great diversity that can satisfy your desires. Make your pick and create the most memorable wedding.

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