Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Singapore 2023

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Singapore is the busiest and largest port in Southern Asia and a city state situated at the Southern tip of Malay Peninsula. The country is surrounded by economically prosperous countries and is also widely prominent for its growth. It is home to scenic landmarks and flamboyant tourist attractions that lure tourists in year after year.

There are certain jobs in Singapore, most of which are for skilled individuals but not to be discouraged, there are several unskilled jobs in Singapore that not offer free visa sponsorship, but also allows you enough time to attend to other needs.

You’ll be lucky enough to secure a job in the country, working in such a place would be an avenue to explore your countless options and get to see the world through another lens, and move right out to achieve your dreams.

Below Are Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Singapore
  1. Carpenter Jobs in Singapore
  2. Dishwasher
  3. General Laborer
  4. Cleaners
  5. Farm Workers
  6. Private Chauffeur
  7. Mining Constructors
  8. Bouncers
  9. Construction Workers
  10. Drivers

How To Get Unskilled Jobs In Singapore With Visa Sponsorship

1. Apply for unskilled jobs in Singapore

To do this, you must have gotten the job because you’re automatically eligible for Visa sponsorship if you’ve been offered the job.

2. Apply for a Visa

Despite your eligibility, a work permit will still be required to work as an unskilled laborer in Singapore and there are different types of work permit.

Applying for work permit in Singapore

Work grants you the right to work in Singapore or any other country as a foreigner.

According to work permit law, employers in Singapore who hire employees must pay them a wage for their services, keep a security bond, and provide them with health insurance.

Any work eligible Indian who wishes to work in Singapore may apply for a work visa or pass through an appointed employment agency (EA) or employer.

Requirements for Singapore Work Visa

The following requirements must be met to obtain a work visa in Singapore;

  • The candidate must have a current passport.
  • The candidate must be over the age of 18.
  • The applicant is only permitted to work in the scope of work specified in the work permits issued by the authorities.
Nonetheless, there are few don’t (s) to this and they include;

Foreigners with work visas in Singapore aren’t expected to do the following;

  • Participate in any other business or create their own.
  • Work solely in the occupation and for the employer listed on your work pass or permit.
  • Without the consent of the Ministry of Manpower, you may not marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident in or outside of Singapore.
  • Reside solely at the address specified by the employer at the commencement of the job.
  • Carry the original work permit with you at all times and be prepared to show it to any public authority on demand.

There are only but few updates on “unskilled” jobs in Singapore for the meantime, but keep checking in for more updates because we’ll make sure we keep you posted.

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