58 Things To Do Before You Turn 60 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Whether you’re two years from hitting the big 60 or three weeks or two days, this is a huge age to celebrate. Look around, you are going to be sixty, a milestone age in anyone’s life. A lot has happened, there’s a lot to cry over, a lot to laugh about and so much love to live by.

You can’t continue the regular adrenaline-slowing routine, which is why we’ll let our cognoscente take you on a tour to a rendezvous suitable for the overwhelming sixty.

You could live the vida Loca like Morgan Freeman fulfilling 58 kinds of stuff in your 100 bucket list before hitting 60 with the following frenzy ideas.

60 Things To Do Before You Turn 60

  1. Go Ziplining
  2. Try Skydiving
  3. Visit The Taj Mahal
  4. Kiss The Most Beautiful Woman In The World
  5. Laugh Until You Cry
  6. Drive At The Shelby Mustang
  7. Eat Dinner At The Chevre D’or
  8. Fly Over The North Pole
  9. Let The Delivery Man Climb Over The Third Floor Window To Deliver Your Birthday Cake
  10. Get Arrested
  11. Spend A Night In Jail
  12. Visit France
  13. Climb The Eiffel Tower
  14. Walk The Many Bridges Of Paris
  15. Pack Some Cheese And Wine For Picnic
  16. Learn How To Play An Instrument
  17. Study For A Second Or Third Degree
  18. Learn A New Language Preferably Latin
  19. Learn A New Style Of Dance, Polka Or Salsa
  20. Learn How To Draw/Paint
  21. Learn How To Bake With Your Favorite Flavor
  22. Learn How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube
  23. Learn Basic First Aid Procedure
  24. Learn How To Tie Knots
  25. Learn How To Fish
  26. Learn How To Swim
  27. Learn How To Ride A Bike
  28. Learn How To Grow Fruit And Vegetables
  29. Learn Magic Tricks
  30. Take A Cooking Class
  31. Learn How To Surf
  32. Learn A New Sport
  33. Learn How To Make Your Own Beer/Wine
  34. Learn How To Crochet
  35. Learn How To Whistle
  36. Learn How To Juggle
  37. Learn Photography
  38. Learn Yoga
  39. Learn Calligraphy
  40. Listen To Birds Sing In The Woods
  41. Learn Horse Riding
  42. Learn How To Scuba Dive
  43. Learn How To Make Cocktails At Home
  44. Tint Your Hair Colour
  45. Set A Guinness World Record
  46. Let A Bird Deliver A Message To You
  47. Go To A Casino
  48. Try Acupuncture
  49. Invest In Something Crazy
  50. Get Your 15 Mins Of Fame
  51. Meet An Exotic Animal
  52. Eat At A New Cuisine
  53. Swim In The Ocean
  54. Watch The Sunrise In A Beautiful Location
  55. Pose For A Life Drawing Class
  56. Play Chess With Your Grandkids
  57. Get Your Will Ready
  58. Throw Yourself A Party

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