45 Things To Do Before You Turn 45 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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I read about a lady’s wish before her forty fifth birthdays and i thought everyone should keep that in mind. I’ll list it below but before doing so, I need to officially welcome you to 45 (cheers). I know you’re not yet, but you are riding towards it and there’s a lot to unpack.

Age is just a number, i know but being 45 is a privilege, I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but lots of people fell by the way before 45 but you’re out there. Give yourself a break, inhale, exhale and live life as it comes.

Things To Do Before Turning 45

1. Reflect On Your Past Life

It must have been really hard through these past years, but here you are, pushing through, making it, this isn’t the time to give up, it’s time to keep pushing.

2. Ride The Gondola If You’re In Venice

The gondola is the best ride for anyone who’s never tried sailing, might give you a new perception of riding a narrow boat.

3. Visit The Pyramid Of Giza

Sightseeing plus history, who’s ready to visit the ancient tomb of Pharaoh? Let’s tag along.

4. Boyscott Gravity

No better way to shove some dirt on gravity than skydiving. It’s as fun as you think, trust me.

5. Visit The Taj Mahal At Sunset

One of the Seven Wonders of the World seems like the most popular though. This is a sight for sore eyes especially at sunset.

6. Kiss Your Love In The Sun

I want this. The magical feeling, the warmth of the sun on your bare flesh and the ecstactic feeling of your lover’s lips on yours. Sublime!

7. Go Solo

Take a trip alone and away from home. You can take care of yourself plus you might need some time alone.

8. Get Married

Forty five is not a rare age to get married, you could make it smoother by getting married before your forty fifth birthday.

9. Watch The Meteor Shower

Good thing we have lots of movies with scenes involving meteor shower in case it doesn’t happen soon.

10. Visit The Louvre

If you haven’t been to the Louvre, it might be one of the best places you’ll ever visit before your birthday. Get intimate with moonraking arts like the famous Mona Lisa.

11. Go On A Solo Dinner To An Exquisite Restaurant
12. Write Down The Things You Are Grateful For
13. Buy Your Parents Presents
14. Ride A Hot Balloon

Riding the hot balloon fly clad gives me the pilot feel. You’ll love it.

15. Go Cruising

In case you can’t achieve list no 2.

16. Try Broadway Musical
17. Complete A Journal

You might find something that interests you.

18. Watch The Olympics

There’s a difference between watching the Olympics as a viewer and as a spectator, go find out.

19. Try Your Hands On Plants

Gardening is a beautiful means of getting inspired.

20. Try Yoga

The mountain pose and other pose will leave you feeling like you are in heaven.

21. Dress Old Fashioned

Bring back the memories of those good old days.

22. Tint Your Hair

I love purple; it gives me the bad girl aura.

23. Visit The Eiffel Tower
24. Make A List Of Things You Wish To Achieve In Your New Age.
25. Visit The Great Wall Of China

China spills strength, it’s a formidable country, and walking the great walls of China might give you an insight to the country’s peculiarity.

26. Jump Over The Cliff Into The Ocean
27. Let Your Parents Know You Appreciate Them
28. Go On Social Media Detox For A Day Or Two
29. Have A Heart Warming Chat With Your Kids
30. Go On A Date With Your Spouse
31. Start Prioritizing You
32. Take Part In A Protest
33. Volunteer
34. Start A Foundation
35. Speak Up At A Press Conference
36. Tip The Guy At The Fuel Station
37. Chew Loudly At Dinner
38. Make A Meal For Your Family And Friends
39. Forgive

It’s Time To Kiss Goodbye To That Hate In Your Heart.

40. Visit The Safari

Celebrate nature in all its wonder

41. hrow Yourself A Party
42. Dance In The Moonlight
43. Eat At A Sashimi In Japan
44. Start A Healthy Diet
45. Promise Yourself To Be The Better Version Of You.

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