35 Things To Do Before You Turn 35 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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How on earth have you lived three decades with no bucket list? It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it may have seemed, you should have penned it down and tried to achieve it rather than let them float in your head. This way (floating in your head), makes it flexible and easy to dump.

However, whichever routine you’ve been circling around before your previous birthdays, this particular birthday has got to be different. So, it’s a blessing you stumbled into this post because your 35th self is about to go wild with this stuff I got here for you.

35 Things To Do Before Turning 35 Years

1. Ride-On A Camel’s Back

What were you taught about caravans in high school again? Create your own scene.

2. Live Outside Your Hometown

If you’re currently living outside your home town, some change of environment could do.

3. Go Mountain Climbing
4. Go Hiking

A remarkable way of breathing in the fresh air and clearing out your mind.

5. Run A Marathon Or Half
6. Sign Up For A Fighting Lesson

Martial art is cool but kickboxing is hell.

7. Keep A Pet

You could name the dog Fufi like Trevor Noah or Spottie like me.

8. Build The Snowman
9. Make A Christmas Tree In Late August
10. Start A Business
11. Dance In The Dark
12. Tour Four Countries You Always Wanted To Visit
13. Take A Road Trip To Any Destination You Fancy
14. Be The Only Black In An All-White Party
15. Mentor Someone
16. Visit Somewhere Incredible
17. Pay Off Your Debts
18. Pay Someone’s Tuition Fee
19. Attend An Exhibition
20. Read 35 Books
21. Learn A New Language
22. Drink Beer With A Straw
23. Watch A Play

While there may be lots of plays by different playwrights now, I still treasure watching Hamlet.

24. Learn To Play An Instrument
25. Take Part In A Race Car Contest
26. Go Scuba Diving
27. Go Fishing With Your Dad
28. Attend A Concert
29. Take Time Off From Work To Be With Yourself
30. Write Down What You’d Love To Achieve Before Your Next Birthday
31. Fall In Love
32. Marry Your Childhood Sweetheart
33. Visit An Amusement Park Alone
34. Swing
35. Self Develop, You’re Not Too Old.

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