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The 20s is the most critical and crucial time of anyone’s life, you’re at pressure to succeed, you realize your contemporaries are doing way better than you or you just don’t think you are trying hard enough. I know how these feelings go, it’s okay, it’s normal to feel this way.

This is equally that time where you sit back and try something crazy to relieve the pressure. I mean this ain’t high school or college days either and for those of us who are about to hit the big age and still in college, you’re a roller and not a failure.

Things To Do Before You Turn 25

Let’s do something basic but fun before you hit 25, below are some amazing things you could add to your bucket list before turning 25.

1. Make A Wish While Staring At The Stars

This is something we all did as kids, I’m thinking it’s not childish to return to childhood days and perform those innocent acts we did as kids again. Reminiscing the past could be wonderful, could give you more insight and help you appreciate the things you’ve received so far.

Plus, wishes have their way of coming true; remember wishing for a puppy before Christmas Eve and getting one from Santa on Christmas Eve? Try it again, only this time wish for adult stuffs, you might be surprised how wishes could turn to horses.

2. Go On A Solo Trip

It’s amazing, I’ve always loved traveling, what’s more? As long as I have my camera with me, it’s a jolly good ride. You might not be the traveling one but it won’t hurt to take a solo trip, maybe one not too far from home in case you’re scared of encountering bandits or pirates like Peter Pan.

If you’re the traveling type who loves to explore, take a solo trip, you could travel out of your district, state or country, you’re an adult, who knows what or who you might meet out there.

3. Try Living Alone

For those of us who have never lived on our own, you might wish to experience Independence. It’s amazing, the peace and quiet. You will love it.

You could rent a condo, or stay at a motel for a day or two, it’s worth the fun.

4. Hit The Gym

I did that, just for fun, am not the work out kind of person but hitting the gym was just one thing on my bucket list and am glad I executed it.

A little work out could work some magic plus the gym could bring back lovely memories of ballet classes or the sports you loved as a kid.

5. Learn How To Shoot

I’ve always craved the Nikita kind of life, I mean I love women fighters plus my favorite movies always consisted of protagonist females who knew how to kick some butts and if you’re that kind of woman, you’re my role model, you see why Gal Gadot is my pick?

6. Kiss In The Rain

Don’t get it twisted I’ve seen many Korean movies so I feel love could actually be as magical as I see in movies plus most of the love books I’ve read had characters who kissed in the rain with the butterfly feelings crescendo.

You might want to try, it’s safe but do not forget to have down hot tea afterwards.

7. Try Yoga

I love yoga. The serenity of the mind, the peace and tranquility of the soul like steady waters, nothing beats that feeling.

You could try yoga for several reasons, for the peace, for health benefits, for the flexibility of the body or as an exercise. Whichever way, I’m sure you’ll love it.

8. Try Out Something You’d Always Wanted To Do As A Kid

Could be swimming, hiking, sports or riding a horse. I’d always wanted to play princess as a child, never too late to make those wishes come true, who knows, you might find your Prince misplacing your silver slippers.

9. Work On Your Career

Maybe you’re already a graduate or still an undergrad, you might wish to try out a different profession different from what you are studying or studied, now is the time.

10. Learn A New Language

For me I tried Espanola, es muy cômplicado but I love it. I think it makes me ún póco loco but it’s cool as long as I can still maintain my sanity (lol).

You could learn to pàrle l’è fràncàis, oh it’s such a romantic language plus I hear French men are romantic at heart. Chinese is cool, but having to say “Sumimasen” in Japanese is fun too or “Oppa gyagima” in Korea is cooler.

11. Keep A Pet

It gives you the feeling of responsibility, like you’ve got something to protect, to be responsible for. That feeling is just mature and you might end up falling in love with your pet but best to be sure it won’t be another Fufi, a heartbreaker.

12. Visit The Cinema Alone

Good riddance, what’s the joy in spending an extra penny watching movies with a friend who you might have to stay mute with for three hours? Grab a bite, cocktail or popcorn and frown yourself in fantasy world.

13. Go Watch Your Favorite Artist/Band Perform

I’d jump at the slightest prank that Johnny Drille was visiting. I know he’s a ghostwalker, but the more reason I like him.

Watch your favorite artist perform at a concert or stream live, the feel is paradise.

14. Choose A Religion

We’ll always need to believe in something, whether God or Buddha. No one can do this for you, you need a strong hold for the rainy day, a God factor to share your problems with, best to find him now. Jesus is the way, has always been, will always be. Find Him.

15. Learn To Manage Money

This is an important skill you should learn before turning 25, it will help you reduce the amount of impulse purchase and save up for the rainy days.

You can’t squander money anymore on unimportant stuffs. You’ll realize that as you are growing, responsibilities will increase and you need to learn to save to be prepared for that life.

16. Learn A New Way Of Cooking

I don’t want to say learn how to cook, or learn how to Cook a new meal, so I choosed meant a new way of Cooking, this way you will learn how to cook if you do not know how to or learn how to try out a new recipe. You’ll need to prepare yourself a decent meal but if you’re comfortable eating out and spending more, it’s up to you.

17. Go On A Date

The older you grow the less time you’ll have for frivolities, take some time out, go on a date, figure out the type of person or people that interest you, find a spec if that explains it better. Don’t get saddled up alone, find something beautiful in someone

18. Spend Some Time With Family

Family is one of the most important circles in our lives and you are lucky if you have them. Spend some time with them before turning 25; you might get too busy in the long run.

19. Fall In Love

Yes, for the first time in my life, I actually fell in love and just before I hit 25. Love is magical, especially if it’s with the right person; do not deny yourself the joy of loving and being loved in return.

20. Make A Bucket List

You might want to try out something new as you grow older, maybe a new hobby, aspiration or new area of interest, write down a bucket list of things you would love to achieve and start working towards it, and it adds more fun to life.

21. Go Camping With Friends

Just like in teenage and childhood days, you’re never too old for camping. Sleepovers could be a good start and then camping with your clique. Life is sweeter when you create memories with people you love.

22. Volunteer

Find an NGO, be a healthy care giver, it’s amazing, I tried that and I loved it. Do something for someone without expecting anything in return, it adds value to life.

23. End The Regret, Start A Fresh

I’m sure you’ve had regrets, mistakes you made in the past, actions you wish you could correct, shits happens, let it go. Move on, start a new life and learn from the past.

24. Have Fun, You’re Going To Be 25

It’s a big year for you, silver jubilee, be Happy, have fun and live life without regrets. Love as much as you can, forgive with all your heart and let nothing steal your joy.

Make an impact and let the world know you as a unique personality.

25. Be Your Simba

Be your hero, celebrate you, love you, write a beautiful script for your life, be a unique version of you, one that has never existed on this planet and one that could only be you.

Twenty five is a big age; you’re still young but far from 16. Do not stop dreaming, work out and make it reality and if ever a time comes when you feel you are losing, think of yourself as Simba, you are still on the right track.

You’re loved.

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