19 Things To Do Before You Turn 23 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Twenty three may not be a very big birthday, well, that’s what most folks think. I still remember when I hit twenty three, I was lit. I was super excited, it was crazy. My granny kept saying, it was a milestone age for me, turns out she was actually right.

A lot happened afterwards, I graduated from college, fell madly in love, got a job, and yes, i settled. Twenty three is an age where most young people begin their journey, for most people, it is at twenty three that they discover purpose and try to find their path.

To escape the boredom of repeating the same old routine or telling the same old story you tell each year on your birthday, we have a little something to ease off the boredom.

1. Go Shopping

Shopping for new stuffs could spice up the days to your birthday, in a way you know. Grab some of the stuffs you do not own or some of the fancy things you would love to have.

2. Learn To Crotchet

Crotchet is a nice skill to work with particularly when you’re bored. You could make out beautiful tops or skirts from crotchet.

3. Try A Virtual Reality Game

What more fun stuff could a young man so desire than a virtual reality game.

4. Attempt World Tour In 48 Hours

Maybe you’re the gypsy like me who loves traveling, and then you can tour the world on forty eight hours. Get to learn and fall in love with beautiful places in the world.

5. Go Some Place You’ve Never Been

For me, it’s South Africa, I intend visiting the Xhosa people, Trevor Noah’s mother’s lineage sounds like a wonderful specie of people and they really do fascinate me. Apart from that, South Africa has in itself a unique kind of beauty I wish to covert

6. Learn Basketball

You know that movie, “Love and basketball?” Who knows, you might fall real hard for basketball, it’s a nice game, my home girls play it alot.

7. Attempt A Second Degree

As a graduate, you might want to major in something entirely different from your previous degree, maybe fulfil a childhood ambition and what other age would be better if not twenty three?

8. Set New Goals

Life has a way of changing the very things we thought we couldn’t do without, being ready makes it all better. Try setting new goals for yourself, like things you would love to achieve as a twenty three old.

Written goals have a way of transforming into reality, so try to make it written, that way it becomes rigid to change and you won’t stop you achieve your dreams.

9. Stay Alone All Day

This might be the perfect time to self reflect on the things you’ve achieved thus far the mistakes you’ve also made. The idea isn’t to dwell on the past but to learn from it and become better.

10. Visit A Castle

Haa, I’m certain every kid once wished to live in a castle, this could the opportunity to make this dream come true.

11. Go For A Comedy Show

I’d scamper at the news of Trevor Noah in Nigeria. I can’t wait for Nigeria to host him. Seeing a live comedy show makes a whole lot of difference, laughing out with some bunch of strangers and just easing off, it’s crazy (in Trevor’s voice).

12. Speak On Radio

It’s quite easy to do this, all you need to do is have a topic to discuss and viola! This is solved.

13. Learn To Cook

Aside home dishes, grab the recipe for some intercontinental dishes and try your hands on them, you never know how well you could cook till you try.

14. Start Taking Care Of Your Health

You might want to start eating healthy as am sure we are most familiar with the saying, “you are what you eat” take some time to take care of your health. Visit the hospital, go work out, burn down calories and consume less sugar rich foods.

15. Spot A Nasty Habit And Deal With It

Could be staying out late, smoking or fighting. It gets more humiliating when an adult exhibits some attitudes known to belong to Savages.

16. Treat Someone To Dinner

Could be the homeless dude you pass by down the alley. This is humanitarian service and a blessing is what is due.

17. Spend Some Time With Your Family

Has you grow, you’ll realize that life will separate you further away from your family each day, best to spend some time with them now while you can still hold their hands.

18. Learn To Manage Money

This is a very important skill you must learn to curb down impulse buying as an adult because you will need to save up money for more important stuffs and spending on unnecessary stuffs is wastage.

19. Learn A Skill

You might know a thing or two already, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn some more, as people say, Learning never ends.”

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