19 Things To Do Before You Turn 19 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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There’s alot of stuff that happens during our teenage years that makes it the best day of our lives. The naivety, dependence, and freedom, at this age, we aren’t so serious about life, we don’t think stuff like, “paying utility bills, feeding our kids or cats” and stuff. We are just so full of energy and hope.

At eighteen, almost hitting nineteen, you should have a glimpse of what you want your adult life to look like, and yes, you mustn’t be totally uptight but you should be able to lay principles and equally add some spice to your life so it doesn’t go all dry and lonely.

Just so you know, nineteen is a big age and you don’t want to miss the fun of being a teenage adult-like I said, these are the best days. Some crazy bucket lists like the ones we have below will keep you feeling all giddy and sober till your big day arrives.

Things To Do Before Turning 19

1. Kiss Someone On The Basketball Court

I don’t know how many teenagers did that but I did. If it’s before the lights go off, even better, makes it even more magical.

2. Take Alot Of Pictures

We aren’t royals, so we can make use of our selfie-sticks. Do not forget to save them for the future; some social networks platform can do that for you.

3. Dress In A Ridiculous Outfit

I know we are so acquainted with Halloween but this shouldn’t be for Halloween this should be for the fun of it. You know you may have lots of people jeering and others cheering, it’s just cool. Keep a straight face, tell yourself, it’s for the fun of it.

4. Start Arranging Your Room

At eighteen, it may not really be such a bug if we just crack open the fruit juice lid and leave it lying on the floor, but you’ll need to be more organized as you grow. Start now. Keep the habit of leaving your room tidied and smelling nice.

5. Explore A Different Culture

I’ve always been fascinated by the culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, so I started digging up their history and they’re such a unique tribe. Getting familiar with another culture; might draw you closer to your people.

6. Create A Vision Board

One good thing about writing down your vision is, that it becomes rigid, impossible to ignore, and you have to achieve it. This could be a great way to keep your dreams and visions in your face.

7. Reconnect With An Old Friend

I had to travel to two states to be with my best friend because friends and moments like this are priceless. Old friends have a way of bringing us back to the past, those terrific moments, and going back there.

8. Learn To Play An Instrument

There’s a good chance might strike the right chord and get signed up. Learn an instrument you are quite enthusiastic about. It’s jolly.

9. Volunteer

In a reading house, or in a home for disabled folks, stuff like this are rewarding.

10. Star Gaze

You know those magical moments you stare into the stars in movies and they sort of melt the hearts? It feels right just staring at those cute creatures.

11. Start A Bonfire

I see this alot of time in Korean movies and I feel it looks and gives that feeling you’re moving on from the pains, hurts, and fears of the past.

12. Tell Your Crush You Like Them

I did that just before my birthday and I’m glad I did, you know when Celine Dion said, it’s all coming back to me? It actually did.

13. Listen To Your Favorite Song On Repeat

I did that with Love is Compass by Griff, a magical feeling I felt.

14. Master A Recipe

Who knows when you’d have to cook for yourself, except you wish to survive off convenient foods.

15. Let It Go

You’re going to be a year older, it doesn’t sound right to continue keeping the grudge, let it go, forgive and let it go.

16. Get A Makeover

This could be a better way to look older.

17. Get A Job

If you’re in College already, it might be an adventure for you, slipping out of class for a shift job, gives you a sense of responsibility.

18. Start A Garden

You might realize you have green hands.

19. Cook For Your Parents

It suckles a parent when their kids prepare their best meals, with a smile on their faces.

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