60 Things To Do Before You Turn 12 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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You’re about to hit adolescence and you kind of feel you’re shedding off your childhood lifestyle. You don’t want to act mushy like a dish of jelly but you feel there is a lot of stuff you haven’t done as a kid and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on those childhood play and fun.

So, here’s the deal, we’ve listed 60 crazy childhood fun along with some incredibly adolescent stuff you might add to your bucket list to make this birthday fun even before the big day arrives. All you need to do is choose the items on the list you might love to try out.

They’ll include mushy childish stuff and stoic adolescent acts that could get you grounded if you don’t “follow the leader.” If you’re a parent readings this and your kid’s going to turn twelve soon, you might want to help them live up to some items on this list.

Things To Do Before You Turn 12

  1. Play With All The Neighbour’s Kids
  2. Ride A Bike
  3. Make A Magical Den
  4. Make A Huge Snow Fort
  5. Build A Tree House
  6. Go Camping
  7. Roll Down A Really Big Hill
  8. Skim A Stone
  9. Play In The Rain
  10. 10.Fly A Kite
  11. Go Fishing With Big Brother
  12. Catch A Fish With A Net
  13. Eat A Crispy Apple Straight From A Tree
  14. Play Conkers
  15. Throw Some Snow
  16. Build The Snowman
  17. Attend A Senior Prom
  18. Go Treason Hunt
  19. Make A Mud Pie
  20. Dam A Stream
  21. Go Sledging
  22. Bury Someone In The Sand
  23. Set Up A Snail Race
  24. Set Up Rabbit Fight
  25. Balance On A Fallen Tree
  26. Swing On A Rope Swing
  27. Make A Mud Slide
  28. Go Skating
  29. Go Hike With Grandpa
  30. Eat Blackberries Growing In The Wild
  31. Take A Look Inside A Tree
  32. Visit An Island
  33. Feel Like You’re Flying In The Wind
  34. Ifly
  35. Make A Grass Trumpet
  36. Hunt For Fossils And Bones
  37. Watch The Sun Wake Up
  38. Climb A Huge Hill
  39. Get Behind A Waterfall
  40. Feed A Bird From Your Hand
  41. Hunt For Bugs
  42. Find Some Frogspawn
  43. Catch A Butterfly In A Net
  44. Track Wild Animals
  45. Discover What’s In A Pond
  46. Call An Owl
  47. Check Out The Crazy Creatures In A Rock Pool
  48. Bring Up A Butterfly
  49. Catch A Crab
  50. Go On A Nature Walk At Night
  51. Plant It, Grow It, Eat It
  52. Go Wild Swimming
  53. Go Rafting
  54. Light A Fire Without Matches
  55. Find Your Way With A Map And A Compass
  56. Try Bouldering
  57. Cook On A Campfire
  58. Try Abseiling
  59. Find A Geocache
  60. Feed A Stray Cat Or Homeless Kid.

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