Support Coach Intern Needed at Valenture Institute 2021

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Valenture Institute was founded in 2019 with a mission to create aspirational learning opportunities for high school students. We believe that students should open the doors they choose, not the ones they are forced to.

We empower our school and university partners with the tools to set their students up for success as they navigate the arc of school, university and life. Informed by the science of online learning, Valenture Institute brings a depth of expertise in learning design, robust learning technology, sophisticated learning analytics and excellent support services to enable our partner schools to make an impact and attain student outcomes at scale.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Support Coach Intern

Job Type: Full Time

Qualification: Bachelors

Location: Western Cape

City: Cape Town

Job Field: Education / Teaching


Our support coach interns are passionate individuals who assist a team of support coaches (who are our custodians of pastoral care and oversee the holistic well being of our learners) in efforts to provide premium, personalised support and solutions to learners and guardians, with a primary focus on exceptional customer experience and retention. Support coach interns assist support coaches with guardian and learner communications, as well as various daily and weekly administrative tasks.

Key Responsibilities:

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting support coaches with daily and weekly administrative tasks
  • Supporting support coaches with learner and guardian communications (includes telephonic and email communications) and providing high-quality customer service. Communication should be prompt and efforts should be made to assist the learner or guardian as far as possible (with the ultimate goal of resolving their query)
  • Ensuring effective follow-up efforts are adhered to at all times if unable to resolve a learner or guardian query (i.e. logging tickets on our ticketing system for support coach outreach)
  • Filtering inbound tickets and phone calls from guardians and learners, and responding where applicable
  • Supporting support coaches with the reviewal of dashboards to help strategise outreach efforts and track learner behaviour
  • Upholding responsibility for and abiding by all policies and procedures
  • Assisting support coaches with ensuring learner ‘profiles’ stay up to date (includes updating learner ‘profiles’ with notes about learner progress or other important updates)
  • Assisting with tasks associated with learner onboarding
  • Providing an assessment of critical situations and determine when escalation is required to internal team members via pre-defined channels and follow up to ensure resolution.

Realities of the role:

  • Valenture Institute is a fast-paced startup. We are not a traditional school! We are reimagining schooling and precedent needs to be adopted only where it has proven to have great results. If you think that traditional schools have it all figured out, this is probably not the right role for you.
  • Collaboration is the name of the game. We operate in highly specialised teams, and our ability to deliver an excellent student experience is premised on our team’s ability to collaborate, value the contributions of their teammates (including those in other teams) and see the value in the “rubbing of minds”. If you do not find value in having your ideas interrogated or others weighing in on how things could foreseeably be done, you are unlikely to enjoy the role. Similarly, if you are not comfortable with other teams being accountable for different parts of the learning experience, you are unlikely to find this environment to be a good fit for you.
  • The Student Experience team are master multitaskers. They enjoy the pace and variety of guardian and learner engagements, coaching groups, monitoring multiple data points, updating learner progress monitoring resources, collaborating with teams, dealing with special cases, and working on multiple systems — all in a day’s work! If you prefer long periods of deep, uninterrupted time, you are unlikely to enjoy this role.
  • Providing a seamless learning experience for learners and guardians often involves a lot of backend admin. The ideal candidate would have a pragmatic understanding of the value that administrative tasks bring to bear on the experience of an end user.
  • As a new brand of schooling operating at the forefront of digital disruption, technical challenges do arise. The ideal candidate will have an appreciation for how necessary it is to fail fast and fail forward, learn through iterative feedback loops, and embrace the process of continuous learning.
  • Change is constant as a result of rapid learning cycles. If consistent change gives you energy rather than drains your energy, you are likely to thrive in this environment. Similarly, if you are adept at managing yourself in a demanding environment and understand the importance of self awareness and boundaries in your work, you are likely to do very well.


  • Detail-oriented and solutions driven
  • Competent with G Suite
  • Agile: the ability to quickly adjust to ad hoc tasks
  • Passionate about education and customer service
  • Comfortable with data analysis, consolidation and capturing (will be required to reference dashboards)
  • Skilled in time management and prioritisation of tasks
  • Excellent command of the English language, verbal and written communication skills and demonstrated proficiency in telephonic engagement
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, consistently amicable and responsive in dealing with all people, both externally and internally;
  • Ability to simply convey concepts, principles and procedures via multiple channels such as email, phone and chat
  • Minimum technical proficiency in working on different systems (training will be provided)
  • Questioning, taking ownership of and simplifying the tasks to improve process efficiencies and achieve business outcomes.
  • Availability during standard working hours
  • Must be comfortable working remotely and independently
  • Stable internet connection and UPS for load shedding
  • Police clearance.

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should:

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