StarSat South Africa Packages, Channels List, And Prices In 2021

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Why are you so worried? Is it because you can’t find the best StarSat South Africa Subscription Packages? Or, is it that the StarSat South Africa Subscription Prices not favorable to you? Well, at this point all you need to do is to choose the package that suits your budget. In this article, you will be given detailed information about StarSat South Africa Subscription Packages, channels, and their Prices.

Formerly known as TopTv, StarSat focuses on providing a variety of High Definition programs that aim to entertain different viewers. Owing to the premium programs that the company offers, you might be wondering, ‘which satellite does StarSat use?’

The company’s channels are relayed using the SES-5 satellite where transmissions are in the form of a digital TV format. To get reception from this satellite, you need a set-top box and a decoder. After the installation process is complete, you can use the StarSat TV guide to know which of your favourite programs are airing on which day and on which channel.

Check out the following up-to-date overview and everything you need to know about the current StarSat channels, contact details, packages, their prices as well as which method you can use to pay when your subscription is about to expire.

StarSat Packages And Channels

Do You Love TV?

Do you want to watch the latest shows without any interruptions? StarSat channels are grouped to provide a viewing experience that caters to the whole family. StarSat packages are budget-friendly and include StarSat sports channels, kids’ programs, movies, and TV series. With all that entertainment just at the click of your remote, you may be tempted to ask, ‘how much does StarSat cost?’

Well, the channels are grouped into two main, differently priced packages; Special Packages and Super Packages. The company also has several add-on packages to ensure that everyone has the chance to watch what they want. If you discover that the package you want contains your family’s favourite channels but not yours, then you can opt for the add-on package to customize your viewing experience.

To start watching any of the channels, you first need to purchase a StarSat decoder. If you are new to the subscription TV services, a StarSat 3 HD decoder is a device that goes for R599. This gadget will enable you to view your entertainment in HD.

By having a decoder, you will get access to premium TV channels and free-to-air digital channels that are available in your area. The amount is the total payment for full installation, which includes the satellite dish, installation, and HD decoder.

So, which StarSat package will best suit your TV viewing needs? Let us compare the two main packages and the add-ons.

The Super Package, which has a monthly subscription of R209 has over 80 TV channels and 25 audio stations, which is great for those who love listening to the radio. On the other hand, the Special Package, which has a cheaper subscription of R109 per month, has over 50 TV channels and 25 audio stations. The channel list that you will find in both Super and Special packages include:

  • 1KZN TV- 486
  • Africa News – 272
  • African movie – 185
  • Aljazeera – 257
  • Animaux – 235
  • BBC World News – 256
  • CGTN – 266
  • CGTN Documentary – 231
  • CNC – 273
  • DA VINCI – 308
  • E EXTRA – 489
  • E STARS – 190
  • Emmanuel TV – 517
  • Deen Channel – 365
  • ETV – 160
  • EWTN – 367
  • Fashion One – 283
  • FILMBOX -188
  • Fine Living – 281
  • FOX LIFE – 133
  • FOX Sports – 248
  • FOX Sports 2 – 249
  • France 24- 259
  • Glow TV – 570
  • GOD – 361
  • INPAS TV – 463
  • Inspiration TV – 362
  • Jim Jam – 303
  • Mindset – 309
  • MSNBC- 263
  • My TV – 460
  • Nat Geo Wild- 221
  • Nigezie – 323
  • ONSETV – 462
  • RTP International – 370
  • SABC 1 – 157
  • SABC 2 -158
  • SABC 3 – 159
  • Smile-306
  • Soweto TV- 488
  • ST Dadin Kowa – 404
  • ST Gospel – 360
  • ST Guide -99
  • ST Kids – 300
  • ST Kungfu- 155
  • ST Music- 320
  • ST Naija-324
  • ST Novela E – 127
  • ST Rise -120
  • ST Sino Drama- 130
  • ST Sports Focus – 240
  • ST Sports Life- 243
  • ST Swahili – 400
  • ST Yoruba – 412
  • ST Zone – 129
  • Telesur- 461
  • Tshwane TV – 487
  • TVC News Nigeria – 270
  • WAP TV – 189

Other channels that you will find in the Super package but not in Special Package are

  • Baby TV- 305
  • Bloomberg- 264
  • DW- 274
  • EbonyLive TV- 191
  • Discovery Science- 222
  • Trace Africa- 334
  • Stingray Classica-332
  • ST Soul- 321
  • ST Sports Arena- 241
  • ST SA Music- 322
  • ST SERIES E1- 125
  • ST Africa- 180
  • ST Bollywood- 550
  • ST Novela E PLUS- 128
  • ST Movies Plus-100
  • National Geographic- 220
  • NDTV- 567
  • ST Nollywood Plus- 102
  • FASHION BOX- 282
  • FOX- 131
  • FOX News- 261
  • POP- 302
  • FUEL TV- 250
  • ID Investigation Discovery- 223
  • IQRAA- 366

StarSat has four add-on packages: Chinese Package, Indian package, French package, and Sports+ package. The Chinese package which has a monthly subscription of R209 has 17 TV channels that are individually grouped to cater to viewers that understand the Chinese language. As an add-on, the French package, which has 9 TV channels and 25 audios go for R129 per month, but if you want it as a stand-alone package, then you will pay R248.

Sports fans have not been left behind, as StarSat has a Sports+ add-on package with two channels, which you can watch at a budget-friendly price of R99 per month. The Indian add-on package, which has 9 TV channels and 25 audio, has a monthly subscription of R109. With the StarSat sports channels, you will never have to miss your next game. Instead, you will enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

StarSat Contact Details

Do you have any queries on where to buy a StarSat decoder, how to connect it, and how to remove any errors? Then use StarSat contact numbers to talk to any of their customer representatives. Speaking to a real person instead of an automated system can help resolve the problem you have quickly. Therefore, if you do not get satisfactory answers via phone, you can always visit their offices or agent centres during working hours.

You can also use their phone numbers to get a quick response or compose an email to explain your problem in detail. It is essential to have all this information at your disposal, especially if you contact this service provider because of a decoder issue as they can ask you for your card number and account number.

As a way of solving any problems that their customers might have and bringing their products and services closer to the people, this company has branches in every major town in South Africa. You can get any of the branch contact details on the official website.

Using your phone, you can also send an SMS with your name to 4004, and a customer representative or an agent will call you back. The following are the main StarSat contact details:

Visit their main office
  • MIDRAND (Headquarter office)
  • Block C, Riverview Office Park
  • Halfway Gardens x 100 Bekker Road, Midrand.
  • Operating Hours:
  • Mon-Fri 08:00AM – 05:00PM
  • Saturday 08:00AM – 01:00PM
  • Call Centre: 011 582 9988
  • Email:

How To Pay Your StarSat Subscription

StarSat payment options are easy to use and come in various methods so that you can choose what is most convenient for you. You can pay for your StarSat subscription via the following ways:

  • ATM
  • Debit Order
  • Internet Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Direct deposit
  • An EasyPay outlet

To avoid disconnections, the payment you make should reflect a few days in advance. Debit orders, direct deposits from ATMs, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) tend to reflect between 24 and 72 hours. On the other hand, using a credit card, paying via call centre agents, or paying using Easy Pay Outlets and store-bought vouchers reflect immediately.

Do not miss out on any of your favourite programs. Instead, pay any of the listed above premium StarSat channels and enjoy an uninterrupted TV viewing experience. The contact details and different payment methods are also listed in this article.

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