Shoprite Money Transfer 2021: Registration, Withdrawal And More

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Shoprite has made life easy and affordable for the people through it money transfer service they provide. It allows you to send and receive money instantly in more than 100 countries worldwide, including South Africa. So, what else would you like Shoprite to do for you? At least, this service is very convenient for you.

Shoprite money services allow businesses to send payments to multiple receivers. Other fund transfer alternatives restrict senders to one transaction at a time, thus inconveniencing companies. Businesses need money transfer services that can handle multiple transactions at once.

So, what do you think about the Shoprite service? This is a very good welcome development which has been put in place and alot of people as congratulated the company for developing such an idea to help the masses. The Shoprite Group of Companies has around 3,000 stores across 15 countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

I know you would like to know the services that is been provided by this group of companies. That’s a good thing which you want to know and it is very important so that you can know the steps to take.

Services Provided By Shoprite South Africa (SA)

These services support numerous business transactions in Mzansi. You can stay indoors for an entire month while relying on the money transfer services at Shoprite to buy items online. People use Shoprite funds transfer services to:

  • Pay prepaid electricity bills
  • Buy bus and flight tickets
  • Purchase airtime and data
  • Buy groceries
  • Deposit, withdraw and send cash

Now, that you know the services that is been provided by Shoprite South Africa, what else do you think is left for you to know? I know you would like to understand how to access the Shoprite money services.

How To Access Shoprite Money Services

The services are accessible to companies and people who are 18 years old and above. You can start using Shoprite services immediately after your registration is successful.

1. Individual Registration

You must have a valid South African identity card and an active cell phone number. Here is how you register for Shoprite money services as an individual:

(a). Visit the nearest Shoprite money transfer and withdrawal point to open an account.

(b). Alternatively, dial *134*3534# and follow the prompts to open a funds transfer account.

Registration is free and available to everyone irrespective of your sim card’s mobile network, device or connectivity.

(c). You can also visit Shoprite’s official website

Click on the SIGNUP button at the top right corner.

Enter your email and click NEXT.

Provide your name, surname, phone number, and SA ID number, then tap NEXT.

Follow the prompts until you create an account.

(d) Does Shoprite have a money transfer app? Yes. Download the app and follow the prompts to create an account.

2. Business Registration

Here is how you register and use these money transfer services as a business:

  • Send an application email to using Bulk Disbursements as your headline. Include your company’s details in the email.
  • Shoprite will respond with an email containing its banking details and a recipients” document. List your recipients and the amount of funds each one of them should receive.
  • They disburse funds to your recipients’ wallets once they receive your payment in their bank account.
  • Each recipient receives the money accompanied by a Shoprite SMS notification.

So, now you know how to register for Shoprite money service. You can see that the process is very and straightforward. After, the registration i believe you would like to know how to transfer money with the company services.

How To Transfer Money At Shoprite

The company has three international fund transfer alternatives. All of them are safe, reliable, fast, and easy to use. Shoprite’s money transfer terms and conditions apply in all transactions:

  • Bank Transfers: Send and receive funds via a bank account.
  • Cash Pickup Transfers: Transfer money through a cash collection point. Find out if your recipient’s country has Shoprite’s cash collection points.
  • Mobile Money Transfers: Send and receive funds using a mobile wallet.

Do you know that you can as well make an international transfer with Shoprite? Surprising right, but you don’t have to be because Shoprite is here to give you the best you need.

How Do I Make An International Money Transfer With Shoprite?

The transfer method you choose should be accessible to your recipient. For instance, you cannot use Shoprite’s bank transfer services to send funds to a recipient’s bank account if that account does not exist. Use these steps:

  • Log in to your money transfer account.
  • Choose a funds transfer alternative you prefer.
  • Enter your recipient’s details, such as the name, bank account, and contacts.
  • Enter the amount you would love to send.
  • Review your transaction’s details before submitting the transfer request.

I believe you now know the necessary things about Shoprite money but there is something very important that is left for you to know. So, what do you think that would be? What you need to know is “Where you can withdraw Shoprite money”

Where Can You Withdraw Shoprite Money?

Withdraw funds instantly from tellers at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Checkers Hyper, Standard Bank and ABSA branches. Provide the teller with your money transfer number, RSA ID book or card and use the correct PIN.

When Does Shoprite Money Transfer Expire?

The funds you send have no expiration date.

So, How Long Does Shoprite Money Transfer Last?

The money is returned to the sender after nine months from the transfer date if the recipient does not withdraw it.

Benefits Of Using Shoprite Money Transfer Service

What are Shoprite’s exchange rates and fees? The company partnered with OFX, a global foreign exchange company, to offer customers competitive exchange rates and lower fees than banks and other fund transfer service providers. Here are more benefits:

  • Send or withdraw funds from any Shoprite store in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Shoprite’s foreign exchange rates support 52 currencies.
  • There are no withdrawal charges to the recipient or deposit charges unless a person makes a transfer.
  • No bank account is needed for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Send as little as R1 to R5,000, and the monthly limit for remittance is up to R25,000.
  • Shoprite’s working hours are much longer compared with banks.
  • There is complete forex exchange rate transparency and email alerts.

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