25 Reasons Why You Should Be Honest On Social Media Platforms

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When it comes to honesty, there is no barrier as to where it should be exhibited: online or offline, the balance must be maintained. Sometimes, having a good reputation on social media may even be more acceptable because it opens you up to countless recommendations.

Honesty is a virtue, not everyone possesses, if you do, you should be thankful. In this piece, I’ll be listing out 25 reasons why you should be honest on social media platforms; you might find out that there is more to honesty than just feeling you’re being foolish.

1. It’s Way Easy, To Be Honest

Compared to being fake, being honest is much easier and cheaper because that’s the real you that you’ll be displaying for thousands to see.

2. Honesty Is For The Strong

Ever heard that honesty is a virtue? Because it is a virtue, it is only for the strong. Being honest on social media shows you off as a strong person.

3. Being Honest Authenticates Who You Are

If you can be honest on social media, then people you know, and those who do not know you can easily be attracted to you and this could be good proof that you are really honest.

4. People Will Believe You

That’s the good thing about honesty, it makes people believe that you really are harmless, and that’s a good thing.

5. Honesty Makes You Look Mature To Others

There’s this aura around honest people, it makes others believe that you’re a truly mature person on social media, and you may have people run to you frequently for advice because they think you really are mature.

6. Your Honesty Can Rub Off On Others

Honesty is contagious, and if this beautiful part of you can rub on others, then it’s a good thing.

7. Being Honest Attracts People Like You

The best way to attract your kind is to be real, so while you’re busy being you on social media, people are like you are getting attracted to you slowly.

8. You Gain People’s Trust

I’m sure this is quite explanatory; it’s like securing a safe place in people’s hearts because they’ll get to trust you because you’re honest.

9. You Might Get Recommended If You’re Honest

Who knows, someone might recommend you for a job for the fact that you’re honest. Being honest is just as pivotal as you could even think of.

10. You Won’t Have To Hurt Anyone

Honesty makes it impossible for you to have any reasons to hurt anyone because you’ll know how to make the right choices at all times.

11. Makes You Have An Unquestionable Reputation

No one will ever raise eyebrows as long as the issue concerns you because they know what you are capable of, and what you can’t do.

12. You Might Build Good Relationships Through Honesty

You may never know but most people love to be identified with honest people, and if you are that person, they may likely want to be friends with you.

13. You Make People Happy When You’re Honest

Honesty is sometimes the best medicine for a troubled soul. Your honesty could make someone out there happy especially if they know you wish them well.

14. You Could Be An Encouragement To Others

Forget that everyone looks wealthy on social media, being honest might be your way of encouraging others to be themselves.

15. Others Will Be Honest Around You

You can never tell when others decide to start being honest around you simply because you are an honest person.

16. You Don’t Need To Keep Tabs

You know the saying, a liar has no idea what he said earlier, but if you’re honest, you will have nothing to worry about since your no is no.

17. It Will Make You Happy

There’s this feeling that comes with knowing you are doing the right thing, and that’s the feeling you get when you’re honest.

18. It Makes You More Fulfilled

You can’t get fulfilled if you’re not honest with yourself and others on social media. Honesty breeds fulfillment.

19. It Keeps You Out Of Troubles

You won’t get into trouble with anyone as long as you stay honest.

20. You’ll Find Clarity Through Honesty

If you don’t understand something on social media, it takes being completely honest to ask for help, thereby getting clarity.

21. Gives You Personal Confidence In Yourself

You wouldn’t need anyone to tell you that you’re an amazing person, you’ll just be confident in yourself because you know the kind of person you are.

22. Takes Away Imposter Syndrome

There’s this “wannabe” feeling that comes with dishonesty, it steals away the feeling of being yourself and makes you feel like you’re someone else completely.

23. Honesty Eliminates Emotional Baggage

It takes away the feeling of guilt and replaces it with freedom and a sound mind. If you’re honest on social media, then you wouldn’t have to bother about a lot of things.

24. You’ll Gain More Respect

You won’t need to impose it on anyone, you’ll just get it free.

25. Dishonesty Can Land You In Trouble

Imagine getting into trouble with the EFCC or with America because of dishonesty. Honesty does so much more; it saves you from so much trouble on social media.

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