Reality TV Show Auditions Date/Casting 2021 And How To Apply Online

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Reality TV Show Auditions Date/Casting 2021… Are you looking for a way to apply for Reality TV Show Auditions Date/Casting 2021? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about Reality TV Show Auditions Date/Casting 2021 and How To Apply.

1. The Circle

While the completed Season 2 of The Circle has now reached Netflix, The Circle is already casting for “possible future seasons.”

The closing date on the application is October 2, 2021. Those interested must be at least 18 years old, living in the United States, and not employed in the All 3 Media Group.

2. Are You The One?

The dating challenge of a lifetime, where other competitors try to figure out who is the perfect match for each other amongst 20 strangers. MTV is bringing a Season 10 of Are You The One? for competitors to find their perfect match while entering challenges and obstacles in a vacation destination.

At the end of each challenge, a winning couple gets to go on a dreamy date. But competitors shouldn’t forget about the “Truth Booth” where the cast must vote for a certain couple that they believe is the “ideal match.'”The winning prize is one million dollars given to the winning couple.

3. Survivor

CBS is actively casting for Survivor 43 and future seasons right now. Season 43 starts taping in early July if it hasn’t already, but they are still asking for applicants.

Those interested in applying must make a video, have a current picture, and fill out the online application where they will upload the photo and video as well. CBS contacts eligible competitors by email or phone to continue the casting process.

4. Catfish: The TV Show

Nev and his cohost, Kamie, are looking for online friendships and relationships who have never met in person or seen each other via video chat. If someone is dealing with a potential catfish situation, they are encouraged to apply. And if someone is doing the catfishing but would like to come clean, they are also encouraged to apply.

The application is a simple series of questions about the individual and the relationship in question. All interviews are held remotely and applications can be found HERE.

5. Netflix’s “Floor Is Lava”

Netflix is seeking teams of 3 for the second season of Floor is Lava. The show is produced by Emmy Award Nominated A. Smith and Co. and competitors do not have to be extremely athletic to play.

Floor is Lava is a binge-able, ultra-competitive, obstacle course show for a chance to win a cash prize of $10,000 Players can be from ages 18-55 and will be filming in Los Angeles, CA.

6. Big Brother

CBS is casting for Season 23 of Big Brother with the disclaimer that semi-finalist interviews will be done virtually due to the pandemic. Eligibility for Big Brother can be found here, where it explains the requirements for the individual but also the privacy information regarding being in the Big Brother house in Los Angeles, CA.

The Big Brother application must be done in one sitting and requires a picture of the applicant and a standard video. There is currently no deadline for applications.

7. The Amazing Race

Another CBS classic is accepting online applications year-round and also hosting open casting calls, only one of these auditions is required. The Amazing Race is looking for teams of 2 [and singles] with pre-existing relationships and that are familiar with the show. Players must be able to take off work to be on the show.

The Amazing Race features challenges around the world requiring mental and physical tenacity. The winning prize is $1 million.

8. Love Is Blind

The first season of Love Is Blind chose from applicants in Atlanta, GA. Season 2 will be filmed in Chicago, however, applicants from anywhere are encouraged to apply.

Love is Blind came at a time of peak quarantine and was an interesting concept of not seeing someone you’re supposed to marry in just a few weeks. Those interested in applying can use this website and it will ask for a headshot, full-body photo, and applicants will fill out a form.

9. Mastermind

MTV and Lighthearted Entertainment is looking for “the best and the brightest” for a reality show about testing mental superiority and strategy. Competitors do not need to be only book smart or street smart; Guests can be tech wizards, entrepreneurs, or even just quick-witted.

The application for Mastermind asks a small handful of basic questions but also specifically asks what makes the applicant “uniquely suited to succeed in a test of mental fitness, strategic thinking, and social engineering.”

10. Clash Of The Bands

Tribute and cover bands can compete to figure out who is the best and win a cash prize.

Lighthearted Entertainment just has a questionnaire for one band member to fill out regarding the individual filling it out and the band they would be bringing to the competition. Questions range from, “What is your “go-to” song to play by the artist(s) you cover?” to asking what instruments the band plays and social media handles of both the individual and the band.

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