Nairobi County Business Permit 2021: Registration & Renewal Rates

All business owners in Nairobi County require the right licenses to have a smooth daily operation. The licenses prove the legality of the business and allow the county government to collect tax. The type of business permit in Nairobi county to apply for depends on several factors, including the type of business, activities involved, and employees’ size.

Types Of Business Permits In Kenya

The county governments are responsible for issuing the single business permits, which are now known as the unified business permits. This allows individuals to apply once for the different licenses without going to several government offices to obtain them. The licenses that fall under the unified business permit are:

  • Food and Health permits
  • City Council business permit
  • Advertising signage license
  • Fire Safety certificate

The unified business permit in Nairobi county consolidates all licenses required to run a business within the county. On the other hand, consumable business entities must have both a health certificate and a food hygiene license.

All businesses with advertising signage of about 300mm by 60mm or less should have an advertising signage license. While the fire clearance certificate and trading license are compulsory for all businesses, in some cases, a business owner may have to obtain other licenses to operate in Nairobi County.

Nairobi City County Single Business Permit 2021 Rates

While the steps for applying for a license are the same regardless of the type of business, the Nairobi City County business permit rates cost varies depending on the number of employees, the location, and the kind of business. The cost for a business permit is around Ksh. 15,200 for those with five employees whereby Ksh. 200 is the application fee.

The rates for a single business permit also depend on the size in square meters of your business. For instance, a small trader shop with up to four employees will pay Ksh. 4000 while a small informal trader or service provider such as shoeshiner or newspaper street vendor pays Ksh. 3500. On the other hand, a transport company that occupies 100sqm pays Ksh. 100,000.

The specified amount should be paid in the City Hall or via the online portal. The unified business permit in Nairobi is valid only for a year from January to December, after which you will be required to renew it. Late renewal or registration could incur penalty charges of up to 3.00% every month from the due date.

Methods Of Acquiring Business Permits

There are two methods that you can use to acquire a business permit. The first one is by visiting their offices, and the second option is by using the online portal. The method you select depends on preference and the amount of time you can spare to complete all the necessary procedures. For the online procedure, you must have a laptop and an internet connection.

Nairobi City County business permit rates

How To Apply For A Business Permit In Nairobi County Online

Whether you are a local or foreign individual, to legally operate a business in Kenya, you must have the proper business permits. You can easily get the license online when you don’t feel like physically visiting the Nairobi county offices.

While licenses often expired on 31st December regardless of when you applied, nowadays, the days are counted depending on whether you paid for a full year, half a year, or quarter year. For a smooth application process, first, ensure you have the following requirements:

  • Nairobi County business permit application form
  • Copy of the identification card
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of the company pin certificate
  • An approved business permit application form
  • A payment permit invoice

You must also ensure that you have the name of the business, physical address, and registration number. The process of applying for a business permit requires you to follow two steps: Creating an epayment account and following the procedure on the online portal.

How To Create An epayment Account

Kenya has made drastic changes to reduce the backlog and stress of conducting business in government offices. Through online portals, you can access the services you want, including those related to your business. To create an epayment account:

  • Visit the Nairobi County online portal, also called the NCCG payment portal.
  • Click on Sign up to create an account
  • Key in your full name, valid email address, mobile number, and unique password.
  • Click on the section written, “Create Account,” and your account will be activated.

Method For Applying For A Business Permit Online

After your account has been activated, you can go ahead and start applying for your permit. The account also comes in handy when you want to renew or print the license. To apply for a permit, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official NCCG payment portal
  • Login using the email you registered with and the password you’ve chosen earlier
  • Locate the Services section click on the segment written “Single business permit”
  • A new section will be displayed click register a new business
  • Fill in all the mandatory information, which include the KRA PIN and details about your business
  • Key in all the required information on the business owner, for example, your name, ID, and mobile number.
  • Fill in details concerning the business activity. This includes the number of employees, are located and the size of the business.
  • Cross-check that all details are correct and click “finish
  • Pay the required permit fee
  • You will then receive a confirmation text from Nairobi county that your payment has been received and your document is ready to use.
Nairobi City County business permit rates

Manual Business Permit Registration

Going to Nairobi City Hall Annex licensing offices is another way to obtain a business permit. You will be asked to fill a BR-1 form at the offices and present all the necessary documents. The inspection officers will then visit your business location and determine the permit rates you shall pay.

In the City Hall offices, the details from the BR-1 form are added to the unified business permit database. Afterward, the form is stamped, an invoice is generated. After completing the payment, the permit is signed. You will then be advised to pick your permit at the dispatch office. Now you can display the license at your business premises as the law requires.

Contact Information

To place any queries or get clarification on their services, you can visit the right government offices. The two offices associated with the single business permit are the City Hall Annex and the cash office, City Hall. You can also contact them at:

  • P.O Box 30075 City Hall, Nairobi. 00100
  • Telephone: +254 202 176 467
  • Email:
  • Website:
Cash Counter Hours

Although offices are closed during public holidays, they are open at the following times:

  • Monday: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Wednesday: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Friday: 08:00 – 17:00

Business owners can also contact the licensing officer, Moses Chege, through the following means:

  • Telephone: +254 722 768 399
  • Email:

Nairobi City County Single Business Permit Renewal Method 2021

Renewing a business permit in Nairobi is easy. It involves two main methods: visiting the county offices or online. If you intend to go to the offices, carry a copy of the previous license. The council officials shall tell you the cost of a single business permit, and you shall proceed to the cash office to complete the payment.

The online method is straightforward and can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device and can make payments via M-Pesa or online banking. To renew a single business permit online, follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the Nairobi County Portal
  • Click the Single Business Permit section
  • Click renew SBP
  • Login using the same email and password added in activating your repayment account. A first-time applicant has to sign up.
  • Add the business number/ID listed on your license
  • Select update business details and enter all missing information
  • Verify all the information added and click next
  • Pay the fees stipulated via M-Pesa or bank
  • After a few minutes, check to confirm that the Nairobi City County single business permit is ready for download.

It is easy to renew your business permit as per the new Nairobi County business permit rates as long as you know the correct procedure to follow. Remember that you no longer need to queue for many hours just to apply, renew and print a permit. These procedures can be done online. So get a business permit to avoid getting shut down by the city council authorities.

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