(Our Top 9 Picks) Most Romantic Places To Propose In Kenya 2021

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Are you looking for the best place to propose in Kenya? If yes, then this informative article is for you. If you want to propose, you need more than a beautiful ring. For most people, popping the question in the right location and the right time is equivalent to a wedding or honeymoon.

If you are on the verge of popping the big question, you don’t have to go anywhere else. These are a whole lot of romantic places to propose in Kenya that will impress your significant other.

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to pay for every venue that is worth proposing at. Besides, you don’t need additional décor to make some of these places fit your imagination of a dream proposal venue. Although the definition of romantic is subjective, Kenya has picturesque places.

Top 9 Romantic Places To Propose In Kenya

Some of the most romantic places to propose in Kenya include the following.

1. Langata Botanical Gardens

Langata Botanical Gardens is one of the least known proposal venues in Kenya. Treating your partner with a trip to the lushly planted park is a perfect way to set the mood for a proposal. In addition, the garden has a restaurant, which serves some of the best Kenyan foods.

After enjoying food and drinks at the restaurant, you can explore the awe-inspiring scenery. For example, you can try out activities such as fishing and romantic nature walks.

Unless you are hiring a venue, Langata Botanical Gardens does not have entry fees. For bookings, contact the management through +254 020 2612489 or +254 (0) 722 382 615.

2. African Heritage House in Mlolongo

The African Heritage House is one of the best places to propose in Nairobi based on its locality — that borders Nairobi National Park — and luxurious décor. The best time to propose is in the evening on the house’s rooftop, thanks to breath-taking sunsets.

Apart from sunsets, the exterior design fits the definition of romantic space. The swimming pool and African-themed art pieces are also unmatched.

The entrance fees are also subject to current bookings, and it is advisable to enquire about the current pricing through (0721 518389) before going. In addition, you can contact the management on any issue through ahalan@africaonline.co.ke.

3. Lake House Tigoni

Lake House Tigoni is a stylish house located in Tigoni — 25 kilometres from Nairobi’s CBD. The house fits the definition of a romantic place, and it is an ideal venue to ask her for a hand in marriage.

Although Lake House Tigoni is less than an hour’s drive from CBD, it is a perfect location if you are looking for an ideal engagement getaway weekend. Before going on your knees, you can enjoy fishing, boat riding, and swimming.

The house accommodates up to 11 guests with a rate of about Ksh 55,000 per night. Also, you can book in advance through 0799 153131 or Airbnb.

4. K.I.C.C Helipad

The K.I.C.C Helipad offers one of the best Nairobi panoramic views. Although K.I.C.C is no longer the tallest building in the Kenyan capital, its views make it one of the best places to propose in Kenya.

The K.I.C.C also has restaurants and coffee shops. You can either grab a coffee or have a meal as a way of setting the mood for the bigger question.

The entry fee is Ksh 200 per head. Always carry your identification card (or passport) as a form of identification.

5. KWS Safari Walk

The KWS Safari Walk is a boardwalk that allows you to see animals and interact with nature. The serenity of Safari Walk makes it one of the best places to propose in Kenya.

The Safari Walk entry fees depend on your citizenship. For Kenyan adults, it is Ksh 215 per person, which is payable through M-Pesa. If you are a Kenyan resident, the parking fee is Ksh 300, also payable through M-Pesa.

6. Manda Island

The Manda Island is part of the larger Lamu Archipelago, The island blends in different world’s cultures with the Swahili lifestyle. The turquoise water and beautiful weather make Manda Island one of the most romantic places in Kenya.

As a perfect romantic location, there are many ways to bond with your partner. Boat riding and playing different games — on the clean beaches — are some of the best ways to spend your time on this island.

The island has an airstrip, and the ferries connect the island to the bigger Lamu Archipelago. Also, the island has accommodations for different budgets, starting from Ksh 4000.

7. Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Kenya. With less than Ksh 30,000, you can take your lover on a safari and propose to her in a spectacular environment.

If you plan to spend more than a day in Tsavo National Park, check hotel rates on Booking.com. Also, different stakeholders facilitate movements within the park at a subsidised cost. The entrance fees for Kenyans are Ksh 500 per person and Ksh 5000 for a non-resident. 

8. Diani Beach

Diani Beach is on the Kenyan South Coast — one of the most romantic places in Kenya. Unlike most romantic sites, Diani Beach offers you endless activities with your partner and therefore presenting you with countless ways to propose.

For example, you can go for a sunset walk. Alternatively, if your girlfriend loves outdoor activities, you can set up a panic.

If you live away from the South Coast, you can view their hotel rates on Booking.com for accommodation. In addition, Diani is accessible on the road and air.

9. Uhuru Gardens

Located on Langata Road, Uhuru Gardens is an ideal place to propose to your lover. The memorial park has sweet-smelling flowers, and the plants are evergreen.

Uhuru Gardens represents the romantic side of Nairobi, just as Uhuru Park symbolises family outings to a Kenyan family. Also, the garden has professional photographers, all waiting to capture the beautiful moments.

Unlike most of the romantic places in Nairobi, the memorial garden has no entry fees. The only requirement is for you to identify yourself either through producing your Kenyan identification card or passport. However, all personal cars must pay an entrance fee of Ksh 300.

All, the 9 romantic places to propose in Kenya ranges from budget to high-priced venues. Therefore, when looking for proposal ideas in Kenya, it is advisable to work within your budget. You should also understand what your special one loves and choose a place that resembles their desire.

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