How To Track Kenyan Immigration Passport Status Via SMS And Online

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Do you find it difficult in tracking your Kenyan immigration passport status online or via SMS? In this article, you will be given detailed information on how to track your status at the comfort of your home.

In an offer to integrate their services, the Immigration department of Kenya has rolled out new types of passports that contain chips that store every little detail and biometrics about the holders. These passports have upgraded security features and technology that prevents information skimming.

Electronic passports are a part of the greater East African methodology to upgrade unification in the East African community. The International Civil Organization enlists all these passports and tracks them using a radio wire installed in the chip.

The application technique for the passports remains unchanged except that they have done away with paper handling. Candidates will just visit the immigration offices to have their details registered after they have applied for the document online.

With this advancement, applicants will fill the application forms online, pay the charges through Mpesa in advance and then they will download the duly completed application papers and print them.

How To Check If My Passport Is Ready In Kenya

If you have been wondering, how can I check if my passport is ready Kenya, the good news is that you can easily do it at your own comfort. Since e-services and new generation passports were launched, you only have to wait for ten days to get your new passport as opposed to the previous 21 days waiting window.

With just a simple click, the immigration department Kenya passport officials can see the process of the application and tell the applicants exactly when they can pick their documents. Thanks to the automation, it is now easier to track the progress of your application online.

Another key advancement is the utilization of cell phone innovation, through a short message service (SMS), to furnish the general population with data on the status of their records. These methods also apply when checking the status of your Kenyan passport renewal process.

How To Track Your Kenyan Immigration Passport Status Online

Once you are through with your application and have been informed when to pick your passport, you can track its status via the e citizen passport tracking system online. For this, you only need to log in to the website. Go to immigration services and click get service now. You can now see the passport application form under the recent applications tab. The status could be Accepted, Rejected, or ready for collection.

How To Track Your Kenyan Immigration Passport Status Via SMS

As Kenyan mobile technology grows, the government also endeavors to integrate their services into the tech so all Kenyans can benefit from it. Tracking Kenyan passport status via SMS uses the shortcode 2032.

  • On your phone start a new message.
  • Type the Kenyan passport number that you were given after the application.
  • Send the text message to the code 2032.
  • You will receive an SMS showing passport ready for pickup in Kenya or a passport still under processing.

You can also use the same code to ask for help from the Immigration department Kenya by sending HELP to the same 2032 number. In addition, you can still send questions to the department regarding passport procedures. If the date you were told it will be ready elapses and yet the passport is not ready, you can also send them a complaint or inquiry using the same code.

This service costs only Ksh 5 bob which is way cheaper than making unending visits to Nyayo house to make inquiries and complaints. This service is more convenient since it also helps the public save time.

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