How To Withdraw Money From KCB To M-Pesa (A Step By Step Guide)

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Do you find it difficult in withdrawing your funds from KCB to M-Pesa? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

Kenya commercial bank (KCB) group limited is one of the leading financial service providers in the horn of Africa. In pursuant to its vision, the bank played a principal role in transforming and extending its service delivery to its stakeholders by launching KCB MPESA banking in 2015.

KCB M-PESA is a mobile banking application that is in liaison with Safaricom to offer financial services to M-PESA customers only. For that matter, we are going to illustrate how to withdraw money from KCB to MPESA account.

For starters, you must be an account holder with KCB, and you can access MPESA services. If you are an account holder with Kenya commercial bank, then you ought to have a KCB M-Benki Account or KCB app, and if you don’t have one, then that leads us to the next question. How do you open a KCB M-Benki Account?

  • Access your MPESA list of options.
  • Go to payment services and straight to the Pay Bill option.
  • Then enter 522522 as the Business number.
  • Enter Account number (type your ID No with no spaces), with your National ID as provided, e.g., ID134567895.
  • Deposit any amount you wish and then enter your M-PESA PIN.
  • You will get two SMS’s on your phone, one bearing your user ID and KCB M-Benki PIN with the other showing your M-Benki Account number.
  • You are now a registered KCB M-Benki Account holder, and you can access your account by dialing USSD code*522/ to use the Mobi banking services.
  • You can also register through the KCB app, by downloading the app to your phone and activating it using the USSD code (*522 PIN).

N/B: MPESA charges apply for any bank account to MPESA transaction

With KCB M-Benki Account within your hold, the question remains, how to withdraw money from my KCB account to MPESA?

  • Begin by dialing the USSD code (*522#).
  • Enter your KCB M-Benki PIN and proceed. Your PIN should be secret and known to you only.
  • You will be able to access the main menu, go toMyKash which is option two on the menu.
  • You will be able to access the list of possibilities in MyKash, select MPESA which is option two.
  • The M-PESA menu will bring you a choice of where to send the money. e.g., to my phone number or another phone number.
  • Select option one, to my phone number.
  • Enter the minimum or maximum amount you wish to withdraw but not less than Ksh 50 and not more than ash. 70,000 as provided.
  • The account will have to ascertain whether you want to remove such a specified amount and the cost of the transaction will be displayed depending on how much you are withdrawing.
  • If you accept the deal to proceed, then the money will be deposited in your account MPESA.
  • You’ll receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

Note that MPESA rates also apply to every transaction on this service.

If you are already a registered user of the KCB MPESA account, then you should use the latter procedure in withdrawing money from KCB to the MPESA account. Moreover, if you are an MPESA account user and you want to access your KCB bank accounts, then you have to open a KCB M-Benki account.

The KCB Mobi banking services offer lots of benefits to their customers. First, you can deposit any amount of money through your phone to the bank account. You can also buy airtime, check mini statement and balance, pay your bills, and access short-term loans with flexible and favorable repayments rates and periods. Finally, you can transfer money to any other bank account.

Notably, the service offers you two savings options; a fixed deposit account and a target saving account. Since its launch, KCB MPESA has been very instrumental in revolutionizing the banking business in Kenya. For that matter, KCB bank has even broadened their financial amenities to approximately over 7million to cater for their increased customers in the KCB MPESA account.

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