Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass WAEC Exams In 2023

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West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) was established in 1952 and has contributed immensely to the education in English-speaking countries of West Africa which includes; Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

With the aim of providing the needed qualification for secondary school leavers, to enable them further their studies in higher education. Thus, the WAEC examination becomes the bridge between the student in secondary school and the secondary school graduate who is vying for a university, not a higher institution big learning; meaning to be a secondary school graduate, you must have passed the WAEC examination.

Over the years, candidates from the five different West African countries or foreigners who reside in these countries have been mandated to seat for this examination to receive the equivalent certification needed to further their studies.  Entry for the exams usually commences in December while the exams are held in May/June every year.

As an aspirant, I know you may have heard different stories about the WAEC examination but how bad could it be as long as you face it with every ounce of preparedness and abide by the rules of the exam. Here are tips that could help you face the WAEC exam with confidence and equally pass.

Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass WAEC Exams

1. Grab WAEC Syllabus

The good thing about this is you can download the syllabus in PDF format or grab it at any WAEC office nearest to you. Why it is important that you read with the aid of the syllabus is so you know the topics to focus on and read ahead. This will help you answer questions in the exams hall more at ease. The syllabus contains topics to read on all subjects from SS1 to SS3 that will be written during the examination.

2. Understand The WAEC Format

There is a format for every examination, no two exams have the same format and the WAEC has a long-standing examination format it follows every year. Understand the registration of six compulsory subjects including mathematics and English, theoretical exams, and practical (intended only for science students). It wouldn’t hurt to equally understand the marking scheme used in the WAEC examination, it would guide you on how to answer questions appropriately.

3. Create A Timetable

Having understood the format and the syllabus, the next step is to create a study guide that facilitates reading and builds your reading culture. It’s good if you have so much faith that you can sail through but you’ll equally need to read to sail through.

4. Practice Past Questions

This one helped me during my time. I had to purchase past questions on all subjects I was to write and it might interest you to know that questions often repeat themselves in the examination so it’s advised you read between the lines.

5. Join A Study Group

For those of us who do not enjoy reading on our own, you might want to tag team in a group you are confident can help you read. This is equally a way of preparing for the exam. Reading groups have a way of educating us on topics we’d never really understood and we could meet friends who are much vaster in some subjects than we.

6. Attend Tutorials

These days every school holds tutorials for the senior secondary students who are preparing to write the WAEC examination but if your school doesn’t, you could partake in any online tutorial classes or scout for one around your vicinity.

7. Write The WAEC Mock Exam

Trust me on this one. The WAEC mock exam is a perfect way to know if you really are ready for the exam. It’s been an answered prayer for most candidates in such a way that it helps you slot your loopholes and make adjustments before the examination proper.

8. Have Quality Sleep

Sleep has a way of contributing to your overall performance, as it plays a lot of tricks on the brain. Having enough sleep helps the brain relax and when you read, it is quickly assimilated by the brain.

The WAEC examination is not a big deal so take your time and prepare for it, have fun. Nonetheless, it’s equally a big deal because it determines whether you go further in pursuing your dreams or get stuck as a WAEC aspirant.

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