Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass KCSE Exams In 2023

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The Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) is an Examination written on completion of secondary school Education in Kenya replacing the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE).

KCSE was established in 1989 as the new entrance requirement to attend a Kenyan university. It is the entrance examination into private or public tertiary institutions in Kenya and the pass mark for this exam is the grade of C+ students who can’t attain this grade score attend undergo non-degree courses in other Tertiary Institutes.

The exam is written by thousands of students every year after four years of their respective stay in secondary schools, this should tell you about the heated competition that boils on in the examination and if you intend to pass and gain admission into one of the best private or public Universities in the country, it’s best you begin to do that which will set you at that pace.

How To Pass KCSE Exams

1. Understand What The Exam Is

Most students do not understand that this examination is as important as the first decision you make in College. It could make it mar your chances of gaining admission into the university you’d love to attend. Understand that this isn’t like the exams you wrote in secondary school, this is a different ball game altogether and demands more seriousness than ever.

2. Begin Your Preparation

As a student, am sure teachers will instruct you on how to go about preparing for your exams and will try to motivate you to read but if you aren’t motivated yourself you won’t prepare for your exam noting that your teachers won’t write the exams for you, you’ll need to do it yourself.

Begin your preparation by hitting the library, grabbing past questions, and learning the exam pattern and format, know-how questions are answered and the format required. Ask questions and hit your books including the recommended text, leave no stone unturned.

3. Sign Up For Tutorials

Your school might organize tutorials but if they don’t, locate one around you and partake in the lessons. Do not pretend you are already equipped thus you do not need more studies, as long as you’re a student; you need all the lessons you can get for the exam.

4. Reading Partners Are An Asset

You could also spot a serious student with the surge to pass in the crowd and when you do, you could make them your reading partners. You guys could meet up and study, discuss what you’ve studied, and speak of your understanding; it might help those who don’t understand.

5. Slam Down On Distractions

No movies or music or phones or friends or whatever at this moment especially if they constitute distractions, your examination is quite important at this point, pass the exam and you’ll gain more of those. Am not saying you shouldn’t hang out with friends or watch movies but am saying cut down on some excesses, if it gets too much, let it go and concentrate you can do more with those after the exam.

6. Read And Read

After this said, do not wait to begin reading two weeks before the exam, begin as soon as you’re convinced you’ll be writing the exam along with your mates. Read, not down some points as you do so, review and revise for clearer understanding and this helps you remember everything you’ve read quickly.

You might want to ask yourself a few questions as you read to test your level of understanding; this is another medium to ascertain if you’re prepared for this exam.

7. Sleep

In as much as you desire to pass, do not fail to look for your health too. Health is wealth plus you can’t write the exam on a sickbed so have quality sleep to relax your brain and mind.

8. Exercise

Exercise equally helps in keeping you agile and your brain alert. Try some easy exercises, drink lots of water and eat well to help you achieve your goal.

The KCSE Examination is only a start to the future, begin properly.

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