Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass KCPE Exams In 2024

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The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is a certificate accorded to students on completion of the eight-year course in primary education in Kenya. This examination is conducted and supervised by the Kenyan National Examination Council (KNEC), a body that is equally concerned with conducting and regulating the KCSE according to the 8-4-4 system of education in Kenya.

Primary education in Kenya usually begins from 5 to 7 years of age after the completion of a year of kindergarten called Nursery School. The first class or year of primary school is known as Standard 1, while the final year is known as Standard 8.

The school year at both primary and secondary levels begins in January and ends in November. Students get 3 school vacations in April, August, and December.

Each year, tons and thousands of students participate in this examination so I’m sure you’re on the same page as I am because I’m giving you a pointer as to the degree of competition you’ll find in this examination. This examination takes place in the second week of November and usually takes four days.

How To Pass KCPE Exams

However, scoring straight A’s is possible as long as you follow these guides;

1. Register Immediately It’s Time

Endeavor to register immediately it’s time to receive that assurance and start reading. One thing about registering early is that it keeps your mind at rest and helps you to begin the race replaying in your subconscious from time to time that you have something to fight for.

2. Use Recommended Textbooks

Use the recommended textbooks to read and don’t forget to read your notebooks they could be much more self-explanatory. You can buy textbooks from stationeries or make use of the ones provided in your school library.

3. Use Past Questions

You could grab these at stationery not ask your teachers, parents, siblings, or friends. Past questions introduce you to the format of the exam question with his clues; you could understand how to read and also the questions to expect.

4. Use Syllabus

This may be hard to grab but your teachers could provide you with a primary school syllabus, use this to read up on the topics you’ve not been introduced to.

5. Read Wide

Don’t stick to textbooks alone, watch the news, and surf for current and past events that concern the country, these are questions you could come across. Do not stick to the status quo, read wide be vast but don’t stop reading.

6. Believe You Can

You begin to view the exams in a whole new light once you believe you can and trust me, it becomes easier. There’s something about the state of the mind, it controls how things turn out for us, believe you can and you will believe you can’t and you won’t.

7. Say No To Distractions

Birthday parties, friends, and associations can wait, pass the KCPE and you can go back to having so much fun.

8. Eat, Sleep, Exercise, And Read

All work without play will dull you up so eat and you read, eat as much as you rest too, exercise is helpful but as much as you do these, read.

The Kenya Certificate Primary Examination is not as difficult as we are made to believe, lots of folks have written and passed with good grades, believe you too can do It, and watch your alter ego do it perfectly.

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