How To Get COVID-19 Grants In Kenya 2022/2023

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The surge of the coronavirus pandemic did not leave any stone unturned, even Kenya like every other African country received a fair share of the hazardous outcome of the spread and is still fighting back to stand on its feet. The citizens have their stories to share much more than the poor masses that have to hustle at the market in order to feet daily.

Imagine that a packet of maize meal was sold at 90 shillings a year ago and now for that same quantity of maize meal (or lesser), a mother of five has to buy at 120 shillings, it’s outrageous! Food might be one of the primary needs but what about rent, electricity, clothing, and school fees? For some, the 5000 shillings paid off as house rent a month is their salary for the month, cost of living is gradually inflating and isn’t a joke, not for the poor in the society but good thing is that there are some governmental and NGO grants that are circulating in the country to reduce the high cost of living.

Covid 19 Grants In Kenya

1. As part of the Shikilia initiative, GiveDirectly is helping low-income Kenyans pull through the covid 19 traumas. They cooperate with community organizations using some geographic targeting data to identify and assist the less privileged. They provide each recipient with ~$30 for three months.

2. PapOnditi Utu Development Organisation in Kisumu – Kenya is offering assistance to orphans and children living with the elderly who face food insecurity and are more vulnerable members of the country. They do this by means of donations from individuals and private organizations.

3. Devex tracked began its COVID-19 funding from Jan. 1, 2020, to June 27, 2020, in Kenya. According to data analysis available on Devex’s funding platform, it was reported that on June 27, the funds had exceeded a whopping $21.7 trillion, and more was expected to help curb food insecurity and to assist the most vulnerable in society.

Investments were made by the government, bilateral and private bodies which as of June 26 tantamounted to a total of $291.2 billion for this purpose and lives are being touched from all parts of Kenya.

4. American Technology Giant – Google made an announcement on the 28th of January 2021 of a 10 million US dollar package to assist Kenya’s post-Covid 19 recovery efforts. The funding was organized by Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), a trade-based association in Washington DC that is aimed at providing constraints to trade and commercial ties between the United States and African economies. The funds will be distributed among several sectors like education, small and medium-scale businesses among others.

How To Get COVID-19 Grants In Kenya

Most of these companies prefer that you apply online while others like GiveDirectly move from one community to another offering assistance, this way, they get to identify the less vulnerable and offer aid to those they perceive as less privileged.

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