How To Set Up A Better Study Space For Online Learning In 2022

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Online learning or any kind of learning depends more on the environment. There may be the availability of other necessary equipment but when your environment is not suitable, learning becomes almost impossible.

Personally, I have had this issue before where my learning environment was always noisy because it was packed with individuals that did not respect other’s privacy. This is what I mean if you live in a room with your roommates and wish to build a learning environment there, it’s possible but it was hard for me because my learning time was their leisure moment and the noises were usually agitating so I had to shift my learning time forward and though it worked, I still had to manage other clanks.

How To Set Up A Better Study Space For Online Learning

A good study environment is one that offers comfort but a better study space will need modifications to give you that classroom space. Here are tips that should help you build a better study space for online learning;

1. Study Place

What space in your room can you trust for that absolute study place comfort? I prefer the window, there’s just this feeling I get when studying or sitting close to the window, I mean facing the window, it’s the feeling of home, the classroom feeling, and you get easily inspired. Well, I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel and that’s why I chose the spot in front of the window.

Guess am trying to say you should place your study accessories at the spot where you feel most comfortable.

2. Light Supply

Worry about your sight too, there is a great amount of light radiating into the room from the window, the more reason why I love the window. So choose a spot where there will be enough natural light supply during the day and a good source of light that can illuminate where you are seated at night.

Ensure there is steady light filling the room, too much can hurt the eye and too don light can cause you to strain. To avoid developing acute eye injury in the future ensure there is enough but not too bright a light supply.

If you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time on your computer then you need to adjust the lighting so it doesn’t give you reasons to worry about seeing an Optician.

3. Noise

Background noise can constitute a nuisance if not dealt with, plus they make studying difficult, I zone out a lot when I study in a noisy environment so I understand the difficulty in studying in a noisy environment more by making it your study space. Background noise can be dealt with using some accessories and apps like;

  • Headphones: Noise-cancelling headphones can actively block out background noise.
  • Noisli: A clever online noise generator to help you relax and focus in noisy environments.
  • Spotify and YouTube Playlists, like Chill Beats Music, and Jazz for Work and Study but if you get distracted playing music like; simple white noise can block out distracting background sounds.
4. When To Study

Understand what time your brain is most receptive to learning and make that time your study time. If you easily understand at noon, make noon the right time for studies but if you’re a night scholar like me, let’s go nocturnal.

5. Study Accessories

Grab every necessary accessory you’ll need to facilitate reading and stuff that will give you that classroom feel. You’re not advised to read on the couch or lie down to read on your bed because you might easily doze off, the temptation is usually hard to resist. Gets your table, chair, reading lamp, writing accessories, trash can in case you need to trash out some writings you feel you should.

6. Set Up The Space And Begin

Set your studying space in a way that gives you the feeling of comfort you need but not too much comfort so you don’t slouch at reading and get distracted.

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